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Das ist mal der richtige post für mich, viiiielen dank. 🙂

Helpful tips :) my big dilemma is posts that grow too long - all by themselves! Planning a bit more before I start writing would be a good idea 😊

But I love your long posts. Not all have the same taste. I often do not read a book if it’s too short, best are serials with many parts and millions of pages. Which reminds me, Tad Williams has written a new novel... 😂

Sometimes long posts are good, and sometimes I'd like to vary them with a short post :)
What often happens is that I get too involved and get tired!
I like @akipponn's style - nice little snippets and always interesting.

Danke für "Auffrischung" und dass du den Post hier bei den Tutorials reingestellt hast. Hab den Link auch gleich bei Willkommen auf Steem angepasst.