Sneak peak into the Mökki case

in #shenaniganslast year


"Hey, let's buy a watermelon" - "Let's buy a bottle of vodka and put it into the watermelon"

Before our New Year's Cottage I was wondering the type of shenanigans we would come up with. Well, my friends certainly didn't disappoint. They are very creative when it comes to this type of stuff. Or maybe the creativity is just borderline stupidity. But maybe it is the same as with madness and brilliance, maybe the line is impossible to draw. Although it is said that stupidity increases in company. It doesn't help that the company is young males who are prone to riskier behavior due to some biological factors.

Anyway, I wanted to show you something...



If you don't know what Mokkakka is, look for explanation here, I'm too lazy to explain. But in the picture you can see the evil twin - poop casserole - in the front and the good twin - brown lover - in the back. Poop casserole refers to the aesthetic aspect of the other half of frosted Mokkakka, but the real reason it is called an evil twin, is because it is a sinfully delicious treat with all the frosting that is inserted deep into the Mokkakka through the cracks. It is quite heavy though - potentially the heaviest matter in the universe - but that's the way we like it.


Anyhow, I'm gonna post better pictures of Mokkakka - and of other stuff too - once I'm back home from the meme house, that also a cottage is being called in an alternate universe. Have a good New Year, I certainly will, with Mokkakka in my belly.


I'm interested to know how you eat/drink slurp the watermelon 🤔

Have you ever tried grapes in vodka? They're not as stupid creative as your watermelon, but very refreshing

We did few small holes under the watermelon (that's why it was on a jug) so that all the excess that didn't sink into the watermelon would drip away. Then we just ate the watermelon like a regular one by cutting it into pieces.

Have you ever tried grapes in vodka?

I'm not the alcohol expert in the house, so no, but sounds fresh indeed.

That watermelon has a nice face. Are those injuries on his face from a drunken spill out of the bucket?

Are those injuries on his face from a drunken spill out of the bucket?

I would question whether they are injuries to begin with, because of the face's other perceived alien-like properties.

You say alien, I say elf wearing elf hat injured from falling out of sleigh but now happily drunk. To each his own ;) Happy New Year.

That is not a bad guess at all.
Happy New Year for you too!

Sounds quite.. interesting and successfull cottagetrip so far. :D Though I'm not surprised when it comes to you and people with similar creative mind. Have fun and come back safe

Interesting without a doubt, because my friends are... interesting - in a good way, mostly :D

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Hi @celestal

It is a very good combination watermelon and a bottle of vodka,

You didn't refer to how that was.

Now, as far as I can see, I assume that Mokkakka was definitely too delicious, there is always a tendency to publish the things we like.

The first thing I did was visit the link to see how the recipe is.

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Well, the watermelon was quite strong the first day, but after the watermelon had stayed in the fridge for a day it was actually quite good.

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HAPPY NEW YEAR :) Hopefully 2020 won't be as scary as many expert are predicting.