Share Our World: Best of Lake McDonald, Glacier National Park, Montana

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For those that have been following my posts you have seen a lot of beautiful pictures of Montana and Glacier National Park specifically.

Oh and in case you missed it I have changed from Share My World to Share Our World. I feel that I am sharing the part of our world that I was able to visit, experience and photograph.

Here is the best of Lake McDonald, the largest lake in Glacier. The lake is 10 miles long and 472 feet deep.

In addition to being incredible beautiful to look at you can play in the lake too.

Jodi and I collected rocks in the crystal clear water.

Yes, these rocks are under water.

There were great tress and flowers all around the lake

Early morning sunrise shots

and a final shot of this beautiful lake

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I hadn't noticed that subtle shift. Such a wonderful thing to share.

Yes, it is more indicative of what I feel about seeing others posts from all over the world and them being about to see mine through this platform, we are sharing the world with each other!

Incredibly beautiful, gorgeous photos.

Thank you very much. It was an amazing experience to visit such a stunning place.

With pleasure! I'm sure it was a great experience that few can have.

Awesome lake presented in stunning photos.
Thank you for sharing and inviting us to your/our World.
Looking forward to your next adventure :)

Thanks Andy I am excited for the next adventure too. Nashville, Tennessee at the end of October.

I can't stop keep looking yours pic again and again... Just wow the most amazing lake in the world I think and I bet it's very cool to play in the lake 🙂

Aww so glad you like the pictures. It really was such a beautiful place.

What a beautiful place! The water is so clear. I love the photographs too. The reflection shots are 😯.

thanks @arrliinn!

Well, you know how I feel. Glacier is just one of the best places on OUR world. Mc Donald Lake is just amazing, and your photos do it justice. Maybe due it justice is a better choice.

Those sunset reflection photos are just awesome. Amazing.

I think it's a good name change. More inclusive.

Thanks Tom. When I started the series this is the message I wanted to convey that I was sharing a part of the world that I was experiencing so it was My world. I like this better. Sharing our beautiful world. I really love getting to see the world through this platform and happy to be able to contribute too!

Looks amazing. Mountains and lakes are my favourite thing.

That is why I am drawn to the posts of your travels!!

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Such a beautiful place with hardly anybody else around apart from you guys. Not sure if it's a good or bad thing

Ha ha. Yes, very few people when you are traveling in the age of Corona.

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