Time To Start Growing, My Dear Plants

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There Hasn't Been A Lot Of Growth In My Garden, But That's About To Change...

Grow, little plants,... grow!! Full sun and +30°C, exactly what my garden needs at the moment!!

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Too Small

Due to the changing weather conditions, my garden veggies are still way smaller than they should be.

This morning, checking the weather forecast made me smaile for a change.
The little ones are going to be so pleased.

From Sunday forward, temperatures will start to go up, climbing from 28°C to 34°C (other sites even predict it will get as hot as 39°C), and full sun all day.

At last, my small and fragile plants will get a chance to grow bigger.

I'll be watching them while lying in my inflateable swimming pool, since it will be way too hot to move for us humans 😎

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I thought the same when I saw the temperatures would be increasing, although the forecast temperatures for the UK are not as high as mainland Europe. We have had almost constant rain here for several weeks. My tomato plants are tiny, although at least they haven't been washed away!
We have a plant exchange tomorrow at the Botanic Garden. I am hoping to fill some of the spaces in my vegetable garden. I don't have plants to exchange, but I will be able to make a donation. I'm hoping for a few courgette plants, and maybe one or two more exotic items :)