Wall Of Shadows 🐎 Shadow Photo Contest

in shadowphoto •  6 months ago 


A few days out of the year the
sun will shine bright on this wall.

Creating shadows of some big delphinium
leaves and a couple horses.



Awesome #shadowphoto
contest by 💕 @melinda010100

Round 105 • Show Me A Shadow
Community #hive-179017


Everyone's #shadowphoto
postings in order.
Link scrolls back many shadows ago.



Thank you @otage for the cool street name!


Photos & words by @shasta Feb 13th 2020 2:32 PM O'rock Alaska

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A marvelous wall of shadows! I sent you 2 SBI for all your help last week!

Thank you so much 💕 @melinda010100! :-)

@shasta, one of your Steem friend wish you an Happy Valentine's day and asked me to give you a new badge!

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Woohoo how awesome is that!! Thank you so much @steemitboard!! :-)
Love those badges! Happy ❤ Valentines Day!

Oooh this is mysterious shadow ! The kind of, as for the clouds, you are searching what is in their shapes.. 😃 There is like a whole fairytale universe in this ! ^_^

Oh there is! There really is! :-)
Thank you very much ❤ @barbara-orenya!