I Did Absolutely Nothing .... And It Was Everything I Thought It Could Be - Sunrise Edition

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Perfect Day Off

I wasn't going to blog today - it was a day off. - But I got really lucky and got a few decent shots of the sunrise today. Too bad I am using a Samsung Galaxy S6 - with a broken lens!!! I can only imagine what they would look like with real camera and someone with skiill. Either way - here was my day

  • Wake up - Drink Coffee
  • Walk outside - Drink Coffee
  • Take Sunrise photos
  • Drink more coffee and spend the day relaxing and doing nothing - yet everything with the family.
  • Walks, Ping Pong, Kick Ball, Nerf Guns, Eating way too much.

I hope your day was what you wanted - if not try again tomorrow.

Enjoy the Sun Rise Show -

It got too bright after my last to take another one.










Sounds like my day.

It was a great day - one I could see repeating that's for sure. I could use about a week of these days to recharge, toss in a few more activities and a couple of naps and it would be perfect!

And more coffee!