Sonic Groove Live, Week 24 | Johann Sebastian Bach, Herr Christ, der ein'ge Gottes Sohn (BWV 601)

in sgl •  11 days ago 

This is my entry for the Sonic Groove Live contest, week 24. Last week's entry was a rather long composition, so this time a quicky. Well. it's a short piece, but that does not mean it is easy to play. It is part of Bach's so called "Orgelbüchlein" (little organ book), a collection of some 45 choral preludes, written by Bach to be used in his teachings. One of the goals Bach set with this collection was "mastery of the study of the pedals". This composition is a nice example of what Bach meant by that. The pedal part is quite prominent and takes quite some practice to correctly. And even then, as there are so many pedal notes, it is almost inevitable to hit a few wrong ones.

@jeremyowens9501 Has set himself the goal to learn of 45 of them. Ifear that's a bit beyond me, but inspired by him I thought I might try a few. And someone in a comment on my youtube channel sepcifically asked for this one. So, here it is.


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You play this one with such joy! Wonderful to hear your performance.

Thanks you. I think you hear my delight in actually playing one of the famous 45!

Beautiful! Thanks for putting your work in this competition, it really expands things a bit!

Glad you like it. Would be nice if more genres were to enter the contest. The more allround, the better, I think.

Yes, for sure, I agree!

Thank you for your entry in Sonic Groove Live Week 24

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