Magic - Only If You Want It

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He pulled out of his pocked a brass key and unlocked the door. “Come in, friend. There is food.”

We went directly to the kitchen. I saw meat hanging in an enclosed space and it seemed on the verge of being over-ripe. He cut a large thick steak and told me to sit in the livingroom while he cooks my meal.

As I was ending my meal, the front door opened and people entered. They demanded of my companion whether the owner had invited us. He replied he had found me suffering from hunger, so he brought me into the house. He asked them to come with him into the kitchen. I heard exclamations of annoyance and returning to me they shook my hand, congratulating and thanking me. To say I was puzzled would be putting it mildly.

My new-found friend realised and explained, “It is a crime to steal, but it is even a bigger crime to waste food. The food has almost gone bad, so they are cooking the rest of it, to eat it before it has to be thrown away - even by those who are not hungry and do not wish to eat.”

Though what he said made a kind of sense, I thought to myself, this cannot be my world, people do not think this way, it is not normal.

The owner arrived and after he was told, he thanked me and asked me to stay until I know what it is I want and create it. Having no idea of where I am and where I would sleep if I refused, I thanked him and warily made myself at home.

An old man entered from the door on my right, the door I’d used for entering the house from outside, but for the moment the door was ajar, I saw a large room on the other side with luxurious furnishings. The owner must have noticed my shock, for he explained, “I decided I want to own a private club, so I placed it there and the door leading outside is now on your left.”

“May I?” I asked. He nodded, so I opened and took a good look. He was right, I could see it is a club, with members sitting around tables filled with coffee and pastries and sandwiches, filling the room with a quiet buzz. As for luxurious! It reminded me of the Ritz in London.

“Feel free to use the club whenever you wish.”

“But…it wasn’t there when I arrived! I entered your home through that door…”

“The man who brought you, he had a key? Do you know why he had a key? It is because he wished to have a key. He used magic, just as I did.”

“But, how can there be people in there already, eating and drinking?”

“Hmm, well, obviously there are a lot of people who wished such a club existed, so they instantly arrived once it did exist, since they are already on the List of Members. As for the food and the staff, I guess my wish for the club assumed they exist, so the wish arranged for them to be employed from before.”

“Are you a magician? Are there many magicians?”

“There is no magic where you come from? Here, everybody is free to wish and make magic. It is the law of our universe. Where are you from?”

We discussed the possibilities and he came to the conclusion that I have been transferred from another reality. A copy, he said, of theirs, but incomplete - a badly made copy which he thinks is bound to fall apart and fade away.

“If you are correct, does it mean that as my reality fades away, so will I?”

“Oh no, how can that happen. Do we not all unconsciously wish to exist? Since your wish becomes true through magic, it means you will continue to exist.”

“But what if I cannot do magic?”

He laughed. “Have you not already used magic? What of the man who brought you to my home? Were you not wishing there would be someone to help you, when he appeared? Do not worry, he still exists, but until today, he was not known to us, but now he has his place in our society, he has his own home - he wishes for it and will continue to exist. As you will.”

When I dreamt the above, the dream was long and there was much more to my story, but I do not know whether I shall write more about it. Perhaps it is better that that part of me continues to exist only in my imagination - in this universe.

Thank you for reading

Αλέξανδρος Ζήνον Ευσταθίου
(Alexander Zenon Eustace)

Written: 2nd October, 2018

  • posted on PALNet: 25th August, 2019

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