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This matter of genes, are we really saying that the soul has no influence? Does the soul choose the body while aware of the limitations and strengths it will have, so as to experience or learn what it needs to? As our science moves into genetic manipulation and all parents look for the best characteristics, does that imply that all the souls have developed to the point that this is what they need? What about the souls that come to be Cherinians, are they highly evolved souls or do souls take pot luck and hope for the best? Perhaps as Cherinians evolve, those of the future will be able to answer some of these questions, since I am not a scientist, just an artist, I have no intention of even trying. I enjoy the fact that there are certain mysteries to life.

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To return to my Claudia. While I was titillating and caressing her she was not just lying there like some slothful slug; she was giving as good as she got, bringing my body to the boil, forcing me to move faster, be less diligent at raising her body to a highly tuned state where her explosion will shatter her mind with pleasure for a few precious seconds. I need not have worried about it though.

I felt her sudden plunge off the cliff of sanity as her orgasm hit her and I climaxed violently. We both arched and cried out and seemed to fight each other as we struggled in the throes of our blind passion. Slowly we returned to bodies drained and sensitive from the power of our orgasms. I too was trembling as I lay on her and gently caressed her. She held me tightly and we kissed deeply, murmuring sweet words to thank each other and fill the others’ heart with our love.

This passionate volatile maiden who in the past would so many times return again and again till I was exhausted, did not want to make love again. The power of her orgasm had come also from her anticipation of creating life, the pleasure of knowing this life comes from her and me. Now all she wanted was to lay in my arms and wait to feel that our child has been conceived. That meant I could not go love my other girls, but they gently encouraged me to stay with Claudia, enjoying her dreamy waiting.

And so it was that our daughter to be, was conceived on the first of January, and we will lay claim to another soul from the void, bringing it to our world for us to love, adore and share our lives.

We spent most of that day lying on the beach, taking the odd dip, touching each other, but mostly conversing. It was decided that it does not seem to matter what powers we develop, the simple pleasures that all humans share are still those that give most meaning to our lives. Having children of course tops the list.

Late that afternoon Cherine felt her father awakening, so we returned to normal life. We all accompanied Cherine, but one look at Eric and I told the other girls to get lost. He was still in shock and traumatised by his death and what he had learnt about us.

The girls left, except for Aganthi. She was staring at Eric with eyes filled with compassion.

“Cherine, will you trust me and leave your father alone with me?”

I knew she ached to stay with him, but she took one look at Aganthi and softly agreed. She kissed his cheek and we left.

“I wonder how she will handle this?”

“Robert, she is the best one for talking to him. He needs someone to sell him flowers, as Aganthi says.”

We were a subdued lot as we discretely monitored Aganthi and Eric.

“I hope you do not mind me asking Cherine to leave us alone. I think she is part of the problem for you.”

He stared at her blankly, even though he answered, “She is?”

She answered so softly he had to strain to hear, “Yes. You loved her very much before you died, leaving her was a difficult thing for you to do. That is why you turned your car without looking, you heard her cry for you and all you could think of was her.”

He sat at our dinner table and tears filled his eyes. “I had left her though.”

“You had to. Eric, do you remember who I am, my story?” He nodded. “I know what it is like to be stuck with people who do not love you. It becomes more impossible than leaving those you love. My father, well, you know what my life with him was like. I really loved my little brother and sister. I did not want to leave them, and feared for them, but when Cherine found me and Robert brought me here and offered me a new life, all I could think of was that I got away from him - he would never hurt me again, never force me to do those ugly things again or beat me.”

“But you came here and did them with Robert!”

“Do you remember when you first made love with Marian? Was it ugly like it became at the end? I think no adult can ever get to know the real Robert. They see that he is filled with love for everyone. They see the powers he has and how humble he remains and they think they know the man. Only little girls are able to see the real Robert.


You see a grown man, hairs on his chest, eyes that seem to go straight into your soul so that you cannot hide from him. You imagine an adult penis that he sticks into little girls and you think that is Robert, because that is all you can see - a man like you, who does things that disgust you.”

He was shocked, upset that a little girl could speak like this.

“Eric, I know more about sex than you do. Since I was five I have been raped, strangers have used me, some only getting pleasure if they hurt me or tore me open and made me bleed. If you had found me then, if I had offered myself to you, would you have touched me or would you have been disgusted by me?”

He was sickened by the pictures she was verbally painting for him. “Oh god!”

“You know of course that I had some diseases and Aids. Doesn’t that make me even more disgusting? What man could love a child that knows all those ugly things about men. What man Eric?”

He only stared at her not able to answer I suppose, so she answered for him. “Only one man could. Robert.”

She was silent for a moment, deep within her own thoughts. “He did not see what you would have seen. He saw a child and his heart broke when he saw the pain in me. I think if I had met him when he was still weaker he would have died from seeing my pain. For him it was easy to take away the diseases and the Aids. If he had given me to you then to love, as a daughter even, could you have, knowing what filth was still in my mind?

Do you know what he saw in me? He looked at the filth and then went past it, he went into my heart and saw that there was still a child in there, one who yearned to be loved and to love. He saw a wounded girl who was still able to feel pain for other children who had suffered as she had. He saw a princess still pure and wonderful and by seeing that in me, he made me what I am. Did you think he took me to his bed, used me? There is not one girl here, including your Cherine, who does not know that it is we who use him.

You saw how he kept dying because your daughter tried to make him have full sex with her. The thought of tearing into her flesh, of hurting her, it actually killed him. If you had been so forced would you have died or would you have said, she will get better, it will mend, and lived with it?”

She got up and put the kettle on, brought out two cups and taking my cigarettes offered him one. She lit it for him and one for herself. She gave him a naughty grin. “Robert let’s me, he knows my healer can keep me healthy, but I feel inside him that he does not like it so I hardly ever smoke. I think he will not mind now.” She made the coffee and sat across from him.

“All that I told you, maybe it was not necessary. It is not Cherine or what she does with Robert that upset you. If you think about it you will see I am right. I think you are like me. It is this Cherinian thing, the powers that do not seem natural. I came from a world where I could only see what was real. If you had told me that another person could actually look into my heart and feel my pain I would have told you I do not believe in fairy stories. When I first stayed here I kept stealing his money, hiding it so that when he sees who I really am and kicks me out, I will have some money to give my father so that he will not beat me too badly. He knew this and kept on leaving money around for me to steal. All this, having healers, going to the void, this thing they told me about empathy, it was all not real, even if he healed me and repaired my body so that it was pure again, no scars or ugly sex stretched by grown men. Do you know how I cried when I saw that part of me made as it was before? Do you know why? Because I knew that when he kicked me out and I was forced to give my body to old men once more, I would have to go through all the pain again.”

He saw the tears in her eyes from her memories and did not doubt, he actually began to ache for our strange little Albanian girl, at the fact that a child could feel this way.

“Do you see why I say you have to be a child to know Robert? You have to be weak and defenceless, depend on adults to care for you to know him. To him children are sacred, he would give his life for any child in this world. He would chance discovery, imprisonment or torture just to avoid seeing a tear in our eyes. Eric, children have never had a man like him to care for them before. So why does he have sex with us if he is so good? Because we need it. We have to have sex, going to the void does that to us. Be honest when you think angry thoughts about him - when we go to the void he now has about twenty girls he has to anchor, help them so that they do not suffer. Do you think making love to twenty women in one night would give you pleasure? How many before you gave up and left the rest to suffer?


Still, I think what is most difficult is getting used to all the impossible things Cherinians can do. What they can do is frightening, it seems so unnatural! They think of a beach in another country and they are there to have a swim. They want to buy milk and the shops here are closed so they jump to London, buy it, return and make coffee. They are so casual about their gifts!

What about the babies! That to me is the scariest. You know that Irene is my baby? Within a week she was able to change herself into a girl of any age. I’ve seen her on the dance floor flirting with and teasing men. Can I say she is a baby…or what. Do not say she is a monster, she is not, she is my baby girl and I adore her. She is a baby who is also a Cherinian. Cherinians are people who have been gifted through your daughter and become something special. Why do you think we call ourselves Cherinians - it is because we want people even a million years from now to remember and say, it was Cherine, she was our mother, the source of all the good that has happened to us.”

Her arguments were jumping backwards and forwards, but I knew she was tailoring it to suit his thoughts and feelings.

“Robert could have brought you back to life at any time - why did he bring you now?”

“I don’t know. He said it was to take away her guilt.”

“Yes, that would be how he saw it. You know what I think? He saw our fear, saw how she is going to suffer and brought you in a desperate hope that you will help his daughter hang on to life.”

“What are you talking about!!”

“In five days an old man, someone it seems who is much stronger than Robert, is coming to take him away. We don’t know where he is taking him to or for how long. We all feel that this place, wherever it is, is very far away, maybe even another world. We feel he is going to make our Robert suffer more than all of us together have ever suffered. We fear that we will not see him for a very long time. If this happens I do not know how Cherine will stay alive and if she dies, we all die - every one of us. My daughter, your granddaughter, all of us. Only Lucy will be left.” She bowed her head and he saw the tremor in her hands, the tears that fell in silver drops onto her lap and he knew she spoke the truth. The foretold calamity shook him to his core.

I might be undoing some of the good she had done, but she had scared all the girls and was suffering. I walked in and took her to my lap.

“Do you have such little faith in me my love, you really think I will let him take me away from you? I will fight him, however strong he is.”

“You can’t Robert, he knows you and you will have to leave.”

“Shit!! Why didn’t you warn me that you see this?”

“This was the time Roberto.”

“Have you thought of something? By prophesying you make me weaker so that I am not able to resist him. Could it be that he sends you this sight for that reason?”

“I don’t know.”

“Then I am going to treat your prophesy as being just that.”

“And you will leave so that all of us can live, but our lives will be dead anyway.”

Even Eric could see the fear in me now. I had not thought of this. If it is to save my loves I will have to leave, whatever the cost.

*Tou poulises louloudia agapi mou?* (did you sell him flowers love)

She shook her head. *Ochi (no)- I am afraid Roberto.*

“Eric, I’m sorry, but I have a crisis I have to handle, all the girls are upset and afraid now…Oh shit!”


The house was filling up again. I moved to the lounge and called the girls to me and sent out to them a blanketing warmth of love and confidence. I waited it out knowing that once they start coming they all come. Surprisingly, Eddie and Hettie also came, but I think they left their kids with a nanny or whatever other domestic staff they have.

“You have all picked up the cause of their distress. There is nothing else I can add to that.”

Eddie stroked his goatee as he spoke. “I think there is a lot to discuss. Robert, you have to plan ahead. If you are forced to leave, you would leave your family and friends without a leader?”

“Would you take over?”

“No I would not. Neither would the other Eddie. Nor would Alki. How about Rob?”

“It would be unfair to him. I have no idea for how long it could be, he has his own life and world to look after.”

“Only he can control your protector properly and his way of thinking is the closest we have to you. We have to ask him.”

“What if all the Roberts are being taken by this old man?”

“It is a possibility Agapi, but I think he only wants me. It seems, according to what he said, he saw I am doing something wrong and need to learn - change whatever it is I am doing wrong.”

“Will you stay linked to Cherine? You know what it would do to her if the link is broken.”

“Dr Maria, I do not know. I will certainly not agree to leave if it is so. He would have to kill me before he could force me.”

Socrati asked, “I need it in your own words Roberto - what were your feelings when you saw him. Did you feel he is evil?”

“I think not. It was as if I had met a very stern grandfather of mine.”

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I hope you enjoy reading this story of fantasy, adventure and love - and should some of it be true for our reality, I hope you will love our Cherine.

Αλέξανδρος Ζήνον Ευσταθίου
(Alexander Zenon Eustace)
21st October, 2019

* posted : 21st October, 2019

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