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“Jesus no! You are sexy as hell though.”
That pleased her and she drifted off to sleep within my arms, a feeling of satisfaction and contentment radiating from her.

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The next morning, apart from a slight soreness and puffiness, she seemed to be alright and it was not long before she was passionately trying different positions and keeping me drained. She seemed insatiable in her need.

I came under attack again, a total despair and darkness, pain and fear hitting me wave after wave. We could not understand it, but a determined effort of willpower was able to keep it at bay. I was unhappy to feel her being hit by a similar attack, but she too was able to fend it off.

Time was passing too fast and Marian would soon be returning. At least we would have my birthday to celebrate together. The evening before, we went for a late supper, got a bottle of champagne and Cherine sipped at hers wrinkling her nose. We got home with both of us lightly tipsy. We were both as horny as hell, I knew that tonight it was not penetration I needed as much as loving, tasting and feeling her whole body. There was a wildness to our feelings.

Once our orgasms were over she slowly sank, keeping me still within her. I became too soft and slid out. I lay down next to her, my hands caressing her hair, face and body with tenderness and love.

“That was lovely.”


“Happy birthday Robert, I love you.”

“Not half as much as I love you.”

She raised herself and caressed my nipples with her mouth and slowly worked her way down. From within her mouth I felt her tongue licking at me. I was soon hard again and she pushed my thighs apart. She raised herself over me and guided me back into her body. When she felt the throbbing, knowing I was about to come, she thrust down hard and we both shuddered our way through our climaxes.

After all the food and alcohol and our orgasms, we were both tired and she fell asleep in my arms, lying on top of me. It was the sweetest sensation having her lying on me and I wondered how I am going to bear sleeping without her.

We had one more day and night and we were like maniacs in our need for each other. I used my healing force to make it possible for me to come often and still get an erection - I’m guessing she did too. We kept on sending to each other a rapture of love and buried our future loneliness within each others’ bodies and eyes. She clung to me as she fell asleep and I hung on to her in desperation. Our last night together was almost over. She woke me up with her kisses and we made love, slowly, savouring each sensation and when she came this time her eyes filled with tears. We spoke so many words of devotion and love and it was so hard to have to get up, shower and get dressed.

We spent those hours waiting for Marian stuck to each other, our hearts beating against each other. Finally the dreaded knock on the door came. Softly I kissed her lips. “Forever my love.” I whispered and went to the door.

Marian was one of the visitors, but so were Dommi and another stunningly pretty girl. With a heavy heart, but also puzzled at why Dommi was here, I invited them in.

“So, did the two of you have a good time?”

“It was great Marian. I’m going to really miss not having her company.”

Marian gave me a stern look as she curtly demanded, “Did you molest my little girl?”

I felt the blood drain from my face, so I knew I had betrayed myself. I desperately tried to find a way to reply that will not get Cherine into trouble. To give myself time to find the answer I needed, I asked, “Dommi, what are you doing here?”

Dommi glanced at Marian with a tiny smile and Marian grinned and nodded. Dommi then looked at Cherine and I, and told us, “I’ve come to take you back home my loves.”

Those were the words coded into our brains and suddenly I remembered. I think I went into shock. Cherine gave a cry and I swung around to hold her in my arms.

“Oh Robert, why did it have to end!?” I could give no answer and only held her to me.

“Will you all go for a coffee please, we need some time to adjust.” They understood and left.

We both cried.

“When I thought of this I did not realise it would hurt so much when it ended.”

“Cherry baby, it was not a dream. These two weeks have only taught me all over again how deeply I love you.” I stopped a moment, realising. “No wonder we got attacked. We were feeling what was happening on Hydra!”

We clung to each other as if we were both little children until the knowledge the others were waiting for us made us sit up, a last tender kiss and caress and I stood up. I looked around the flat, put everything back as the other Robert had left everything and then I spoke to her, just a shadow of the ache left for her to sense.

“These two weeks have only reaffirmed there is something special about the two of us when we get together. I don’t think either of us imagined it would be this wonderful. Your gift will be remembered by both of us forever with an ache for what is gone, but also as a promise of our love and what it will always be like for the two of us. No wonder you have remained as first in my heart for all these years - and always will.”


“Oh Robert, this was the last time, we can never do this again”

“Perhaps we cannot and perhaps we can, that is not the point right now. Cherine, you made right so many things that were not entirely right between us. For that alone this was worth it. All the rest, the indescribable joy and love we shared were a bonus.” I gestured with my hands. “Or else the other way around. At least one fear need not darken my heart anymore.” She felt it, but I spoke anyway. “I was so heartbroken, trying to understand how I could bear to spend a night without you at my side.”

She grinned. “Seeing Meli like that, without knowing who she is, made me realise she really is lovely.”

“Yes. That is part of it. We have a lovely family waiting for us and we both adore all of them. I hope we will find ways to do something similar to this again and it will always be a joy for us that we have them to return to.” I grinned. “That was really nasty of Marian…if that shows what kind of humour she has, I’m glad she does not indulge herself often.” Cherine started with a grin and then broke into laughter as she sensed how it had affected me. I could almost hear her thought, which I was certain was ‘he is weird!’, for she had sensed how my heart had warmed with love for Marian because of her teasing me.

Cherine came into my arms and we stood silently sharing a heartbeat, took our small things and new clothes and left hand in hand. The others were waiting for us outside. Each took a share of our clothes and we jumped back to our home and family.

We could not have been that selfish to keep the memories to ourselves. We shared them with our family and felt their hearts share and wonder at our love.

“Just as well I returned from Hydra a sort of zombie. I would have been certain to see small changes and realised someone had lived in my home. I might have even worked out who it was.”

“Strange how the first time you called it the healer and this time you called it the force.”

I looked at Cherine and looked deep within myself. I sighed. “It is gone, it must have been the same, part of our healers.”

We were to discuss many points that occurred to us over the next day or so, but one thing that happened that night did not surprise me, knowing my family. Not one of them came to my bed. I slept with only Cherine in my arms.

* * * * *

To write this part of my diary I put myself into a trance so that I could write it as I experienced it, without the intrusion of my present self. I will be re-reading this part many times during the rest of my life.

Chapter One Hundred Eight

Nothing much has happened during this month, apart from all those small memories that a family filled with love share during Christmas time. It is now the end of the year and only days are left before the old man appears and I fight his will so as to stay with my family, or he turns out to have only been a dream.

It was unanimously decided by the girls that Claudia has the right to get pregnant and have our baby if it is her wish. I considered it for a few days, weighing not just her physical age as the girls had, but also her maturity. I finally decided that having a baby might mature her further and agreed. She first went to Cyprus and stayed with her sister for a couple of days, doubtless talking it over with her. She returned with a heart at ease and happily came into my arms.


“She does not mind waiting and is not jealous of me. She says she realises that you were right, Andreas is not ready yet and she does not want him to have to worry how to feed one more person. They have decided to get married legally so that she has the right to work and help him.”

“Then all that remains is for you to decide when you want to have our child. Claudia, will you be giving me a son or daughter?”

“I almost feel like leaving it to chance, but I know that I would prefer to have a daughter.”

“It is your choice. I decided long ago not to put pressure on any of you to have a child of a specific sex.”

“Oh no, I want my child to have a specific sex.” I’d walked into that one and joined the general giggles.

“Claudia, I hate planning for something as wonderful as a baby, it should be only part of a loving and be spontaneous, but I have one last question. Where would you like it to be conceived? In Sweden?”

“No. Could it be here Robbie? This is our home, this is where I hope she will live. This is a home filled with love and she deserves to be conceived and born here.”

Gently I kissed her, pleased with her answer. I’d hoped the girls would all be able to share in the moment of conception.

“Then I guess you better start deciding on a name.”

“No, no! Not until she is conceived.” A superstition I saw, but kept quiet, we all have our little foibles.

There was one thing still on my mind and I had decided to do it as a New Year gift for Cherine. Her dream had stuck in my mind and I had not forgotten my promise. It was time to bring her father back, let her make her peace with him.

I waited for New Years eve, only warning Marian on the day of what I was about to do. She paled and clung to Alki. I told her of the dream.

“She still thinks of herself as being responsible for his death. It will be worth it even if it only helps lift that load from her heart.”

“I was not going to ask you not to. I too would want his death to no longer be part of our lives. It is just frightening to think of him coming back to life.”

“Marian and I never married legally, would it mean she is still his wife?”

“Alki she is your wife. If he is brought back by Cherinian powers then our rules apply. He cannot have his old identity back so there should be no problems.”

“Bring him Roberto, for our special little girl.”

I got from her the exact day, hour, hospital, ward. This time I decided I wanted to return with the protector - I wanted to see Cherine. I will also take a Sparkler back with me, leaving it in the void ready to hold his soul for us.

I first jumped to London in our present time, and took a train, from there a cab and arrived at the hospital. I told them that my father had died here a few years ago and this is the first time I’ve been able to return home from abroad. I know the ward he died in, even the bed. Could they please show me, as I want to feel I’ve seen where he died. I had to use my power of speech as the nurses were busy and did not wish to do this for me. I stood by the bed a moment, thanked them and left.

I jumped home, left my body there and returned with the help of the protector to the exact time I wanted and watched. Even if I had not known the exact bed, seeing Marian and Cherine would have shown me. I waited by Cherine, a tiny child, her big eyes dark with the rings of her suffering. I could feel that she was using her gift to feel her father. She suddenly crumpled, falling to the floor. God, but it was hard to watch my love suffer like this!


The protector took a sample of his tissue and as his soul left I followed to the void and watched as the Sparkler enfolded it gently. With a thought I sent them back to our time and was about to return to check on little Cherine when I saw her soul. It came in a mad grief searching for her father. I saw the void was eating at her and I rushed in. Staying invisible to her I changed the energies around her so that her soul is no longer attacked, but strengthened. I could not help her with her grief and watched as she searched frantically for her father, calling out for him. When I could not stand it anymore, I sent her motes of peace and love trying to soothe her. She was not aware of what was happening, but gratefully, as a little child does, she accepted all I sent her, probably thinking it was from her father and now, still in despair, but able to accept he is gone, she returned to her body.

I returned to the bedside and watched, extending my abilities so that I could hear them. Cherine was right. Soon as she awoke, her mother brutally attacked her, blaming my baby. I cried with my anguish at the damage being caused, but could do nothing to change it. To do so would only create an alternate world.

When I left and returned to my time, opened my eyes and saw Dommi by my side I was not surprised to find she was wiping tears from my cheeks.

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I hope you enjoy reading this story of fantasy, adventure and love - and should some of it be true for our reality, I hope you will love our Cherine.

Αλέξανδρος Ζήνον Ευσταθίου
(Alexander Zenon Eustace)
18th October, 2019

* posted : 18th October, 2019

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Κατάλαβα ότι η Claudia θα κάνει μωρό....

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Η μάνα της Τσερινε ήταν?

Sto proto vivlio, otan pige o Robert stin Ydra...

  • ...otan o Robert (ekeinis tis epohis) eide oti tora mporei i Cherine na ton mplokari, kai etsi den tha mporei na einai entelos sygouros oti ton agapaei i Cherine, ton epiase i megali melanholia - to proto 'skotadi' pou aisthanthike o Robert o symerinos.

  • otan nomize oti apofasise i Dommi na fygi, pethane o Robert kai ton efere piso i Cherine, alla eihe pathei megli zimia - afti eitan i defteri 'skoteinia tis psyhis.

Μμμμμμμμ..... Το φαντάζομαι θα μάθω περισσότερα παρακάτω..... Ε?


Gyrisane stin epohi tous. Tous dynamose tin agapi tous (afti i empeiria) giati eidan oti eno merika pragmata ginane me allo tropo, i agapi tous paremeine dynati.

Tha (isos) vreis kati sto mythistorima tous paraksena - kai elpizo na min to vreis vareto....

Afti i empeiria tous, me ligi voitheia apo allou, tha to ksana-zisoune...kai me ta hronia, tha pane se mia pragmatikotita (reality) meta apo tin alli, gia na voithisoun kai allous Cherine kai Robert na agapithoune/na ginoun Cherinians.

Otan ftaseis ekei kai do oti den tous varethikes, tote tha ksero oti pragmatika sou aresi i istoria mou...