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“That reminds me, what about your friend Maria-Elena? Call her and wish her Merry Christmas.”

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Once she was on the line with her friend they talked about the presents they had, what they did the last few days and so on. I was not surprised to hear them arrange to meet each other the next day. Cherine closed the phone and stood in front of me with an aggressive stance.

“See what you made me do? Now I have to leave you alone and be with her.”

“Good.” I ducked and grinned. “Might give you time to miss me.”

I am a firm believer in humour being part of a relationship. A couple who can tease each other and laugh are bound to increase their enjoyment in the sexual aspect. It had not worked with Dommi, she had too many fears, looked for hidden slights, but with Cherine my theory has been proven true. A mixture of her cheekiness and self confidence make it possible I suppose. I had dared to dream of being loved when I was younger, but had never thought to find so much pleasure in the company of another.

When the one of two has empathy and the other does not, the relationship becomes unbalanced so that the person who has empathy becomes abused, emotionally and sometimes in other ways. I cannot claim to have the gift as Cherine does, but my own sensitivity and sense of fairness will, I hope, prevent me from ever taking advantage of her uniqueness. I hope it only helps to show me the way to becoming a better and more caring person.

The other surprise to my love was this constant nagging fear of mine for her safety, I feel compelled to protect her. It is almost an obsession when she is not with me, as if my presence can protect her from misfortune. I hope I learn to control this need, I must allow her space to grow as a human being without her being dependent on me.

If Christmas day is meant to be a day of love I do not think that either of us could be faulted. Though we did go to Kolonaki Square to sit and watch the crowds, we spent most of the day and evening with our limbs entwined, making love and talking. It may sound strange that a man of my age could find so much to talk about with a child of eight - but it is not truly unexplainable. Her experiences have taught her to see beyond the surface and look deeper while her thoughts have the freshness and directness of her youth, but she often confounds me with her insights.

I used the time of her visit with her friend to create some artworks for Alki, hoping that by the time he returns I will have a decent portfolio ready for him. With Cherine at my side day and night it will be difficult, but I am going to be needing the kind of income my work provides me with.

In the following days the frequency and time spent in our loving was not reduced in any way, but there were times when she was happy to sit with her headphones on, reading while I did my work. She took pleasure in watching me, constantly amazed to see scenes out of my imagination take form. With her by me, ideas flowed and the work went smoothly.

Athens is not a city that caters to amusements for children. Most of the entertainment is centred on the variety of eating places, patisseries and night clubs. Even their parks do not have as many slides and swings as I have grown up to expect. I took her to the “Rodeo”, an amusement park, but that is not a place to go to too often. We went to cinema, found transport and went up Mount Parnitha to walk amongst the fir trees and have a picnic in the snow. She enjoyed that while I had more than my fair share of snowballs in my face. It was on the mountain that we had our greatest moment of joy, for me a moment that sent me soaring with elation.


As she ran around she gave a yell and slid, her feet up in the air. I ran to her in fear and knelt by her. She had scraped the one side of her face and hurt her wrist when she fell on it. Bravely she did not cry - she did not need to, tears ran down my cheeks as I helplessly looked at her. I held her on my lap, gently rocking her and desperately wishing I could rid her of the hurt. Suddenly I sensed something happening within me, as if a part of myself were tearing loose of me. I felt it flow out of me into Cherine. She felt it too and gasped, closing her eyes.

I stared at her not believing what my eyes told me. The deep scratches on her face visibly healed and closed without a mark. She suddenly looked up at me and her eyes were filled with wonder. The wrist she had been cradling in her other arm she raised to me, moving the hand about without pain.

“You made me better Robert!!”

I broke down. I sobbed as if my heart were breaking, but it was relief and joy that was tearing into me. Not because of a few scratches being healed, but because of my ability now to protect her, repair any harm that might come to her. She held on to me as I sobbed and my body shuddered with the force of the emotions that coursed through me. She could feel what I felt and did not try to soothe me, it only added to her joy and pride in me.

To Cherine what was important was the pride she felt in me, in my new gift. To me, the elation of being able to care for her was all that mattered. Even when we made love that night back at home, it was with a new confidence and a love that seemed to have multiplied itself. My elation did not add to the power of my climax, but it was sweeter. The change, of course, was within me, for I felt I now can offer something back to my love. It took a couple of days for the idea to come to me and then I was relentless in my efforts, not letting her rest, forcing her to continue to try and enter my mind and learn from me how to create her own force of healing. Once she can do that I will be able to relax whenever she is apart from me - even if we only count the hours of her being at school.

As we were relentlessly trying, by my egging her on, a sudden wave of darkness came from somewhere and engulfed me. A despair as dark as blindness struck me, taking my breath away from me. Cherine misunderstood, thinking it was because of her inability to learn how to open the door in her mind to this new gift and cried out, sending all the force of her mind into me. Suddenly she was able to see what I had done, how I had done it and she opened the same force within her own mind. It only took seconds for her to thereafter understand that I was being attacked by my feelings of despair from elsewhere. Soon as she showed me that my feelings came from outside myself, I began to struggle against them and finally forced them to leave my mind clear again.

Cherine pointed at a small scratch on the back of my hand. “Why haven’t you healed yourself?”

“I don’t know how to. I only seem to be able to use the force to heal you.”

She sent her force into me, looking for anything else that might need healing. Over the next day we both learnt a lot about this new gift, refining our control over it. I even found that I could use it to banish weariness and increase my energy level so that I could have continued to make love to her all night.

We were like two people out on a binge, drunk with our elation as our love and bonding grew, drawing us closer till at moments we felt as if we were one. I became convinced that the way we love each other now has never before been experienced. The other side of the coin was that now to be apart, even the idea of it, was like a wound that bled with no possibility of cure apart from our coming together again. I worried how we will handle this once her mother returns. To not have her in my bed and arms all night no longer seemed bearable.

Cherine did not want to go amongst strangers for New Years Eve. I prepared for our own party, all the sweets, foods and delicacies we love; party things like streamers and crackers and I got a fake holly twig and berries to hang. Though I did not think she would like it, I got a bottle of champagne for us to pop at midnight.

We watched on television scenes of celebrations in New York, London and so on, but then put on our own music and danced. We were in a silly mood, laughing and performing for each other. As midnight arrived I popped the cork and we toasted each other and our love. She surprised me by liking champagne and drinking enough to get a little tipsy and she kept pulling me under the holly to kiss me. She spent over an hour in teasing me, driving me wild with my need for her and then pulling back, leaving me to handle the turmoil within me on my own.


We reached the point when it would have been silly to carry on, the party mood was now too erotic and we undressed each other in the sitting room as we pretended to be dancing our last dance. When it came to pulling her panties off, I knelt and she stuck her bum way out, away from me and put her hand on my head, holding me away.

“Robert, I am not going to try to trick you, I want you to want to also. Will you please make love to me tonight and make me your woman? I know all you said about wanting to keep me as I am. Robert, that is what you want. What about what I want? I checked with the healing force in me and I am right, you will not spoil me or hurt me badly. The only pain will be the pain all girls have the first time. Please let this be our present to each other for the new year. I will never belong to anyone else so you are not spoiling anything for me. Please?”

I knew her tiny flower most intimately, had even poked my little finger to a small depth within her sweet moist tunnel and knew how small and tight it was. I could not imagine something the size of my penis forcing it’s way in without tearing her. I explained this to her.

“You will not tear me. Please trust me Robert, I know that it would sicken you to hurt me and I would not do that to you. I promise, if it hurts too much I will tell you. You will be able to feel my mind anyway.”

She had hugged me as she spoke, for I was trembling. All passion had died within me as I pictured her torn and bleeding and yet I found myself agreeing. Why? Because I respected her. I respected the way she went about it and I respected her right to choose what to do with her body.

She felt my submission, the change in me and hugged me tightly. “I will tell you if it hurts Robert, I promise.”

“Damn it Cherine, you are only eight years old!!”

“Did you think of something? The force can heal me afterwards and make me a virgin again so that my hole stays small, just the way you want it.” She grinned, a fire dancing in her eyes that betrayed her excitement at the idea. “You can take my virginity a hundred times if you want.”

“No. Only once. Even if you are repaired, you will no longer be a virgin in your mind. It would not be a new and strange sensation for you. That is what counts, not the hymen.”

“I do not care about the sex, the feeling of you being in me. What I care about Robert is that when you are in me, when you come and spurt, it will be where you should be, I will know that I am your woman and you are inside me, your semen trying to make me pregnant. It will not, I am too young, I do not have my period yet. But what I feel in my mind and heart matters.”

I was still trembling, a sick feeling in the bottom of my stomach at what I knew I would be doing to her, but I no longer could refuse. I felt tears run down my cheeks as I lifted her in my arms and carried her to our bed. I felt I would be profaning something sacred to me. She took my face in her sweet hands and licked my tears.

Gently we kissed and I paid homage, first loving her body and limbs with my fingertips, lips and tongue. I tasted her arousal and my penis swelled, a strong and rigid spear ready to give her what she wanted. She held me a moment and then suddenly twisted and pushed at me to get me off her. I pulled back.

“This is wrong. You are only doing it because I asked you. You are dead inside, and if we do it I will only hate to remember tonight because I will know I made you do it, it was not because you love me and want me.”

She was weeping as she said it and I sat lost in my wonder at my child lover. I felt the fear vanish, dissolving in my love for her. Her adult perception of what is happening brought home to me again that I keep forgetting she is not a normal child. This creature of a magical love, loves me and that is enough for me. As she said, and it has to be true for any lover of a child, what matters is what she feels within her mind and heart.

I pulled her to me and she did not resist, for she could feel my emotions and knew it was not pity for her. She felt it as I was flooded first with my love and adoration of her and then the stirrings of a passion that swiftly grew as I thought of her giving of her maidenhead to me out of her love, not lust. I knew with a sudden certainty that I could do no less than give in to her safekeeping my manhood and all my dreams for a life of being loved by her. Our kisses grew passionate and our bodies warmed with the need for each other. This time I did not need to spend time on foreplay, our bodies were calling to each other and I was at her entrance before I had even thought of it.


I knew it would be easier for her if she lifted her legs and I showed her how she should, and her hand, soft and warm held me. I pushed and felt the resistance, but she did not cry out with pain. I increased the pressure and she gasped.

“It feels so big! Like you are filling me up!”

The words made it even more exciting. “My baby, only the tip is in you.”

“I want all of it!”

“When I thrust now it will be to break through your hymen. This bit will hurt, but I have to do it hard enough to tear through.”

“Yes. Do it my love.”

As she spoke I had pushed in till I felt myself against the barrier. I paused until I felt her relax and then my hips gave a sharp thrust tearing through and into her. She cried out at the pain and I stopped.

“Lift your head and look love.” She did so, her teeth biting her lower lip. As I came up against her, she gave a gasp and I stopped, not wanting to cause damage. This was the length of her at this age and it was enough. As I climaxed, she moaned and her own orgasm hit her hard. I collapsed on her shuddering body that was also returning to a soft lethargy.

For a moment, mixed in with my ecstasy of her now being wholly mine there was a tinge of sorrow, but that quickly fled when I thought of her belonging to me completely.

I stroked and petted her, small kisses on her throat, sucking at her lips to taste her sweet breath. We made love one more time after having rested a while and then I picked her up in my arms to carry her to the bathroom.

“Where are we going?”

“I want to wash you and check if the bleeding has stopped.”

“Don’t Robbie. I’m okay, I’ll wash in the morning when we get up.”

I put her back on the bed and lay next to her.

“Am I disgusting because I don’t want to wash?”

“Jesus no! You are sexy as hell though.”

That pleased her and she drifted off to sleep within my arms, a feeling of satisfaction and contentment radiating from her.

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I hope you enjoy reading this story of fantasy, adventure and love - and should some of it be true for our reality, I hope you will love our Cherine.

Αλέξανδρος Ζήνον Ευσταθίου
(Alexander Zenon Eustace)
16th October, 2019

* posted: 16th October, 2019

If you wish to read from an earlier book, from Book 01 to Book 04, use this link button to open the LC Book Index:

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It only took seconds for her to thereafter understand that I was being attacked by my feelings of despair from elsewhere. Soon as she showed me that my feelings came from outside myself, I began to struggle against them and finally forced them to leave my mind clear again.

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