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“Jade love, none of them do. Claudia sometimes does not express herself as she meant to, but her heart is just as tender and loving.” I waved my arms in surrender as they all stared at me. “Okay, so Cherine sometimes lashes out at me. Have none of you noticed that she chooses the moment, that her taunting of me is used to force me to stop pitying myself or to strengthen me in some way?”

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“Jade?” Aganthi took her hand. “You must never try to be like Cherine. I am too stupid to understand why, but even I can feel she is something special.”

“Aganthi, all of you are special, each in your own way. Jade, the stronger you are, the easier it is for you to hurt others and the greater the responsibility you have to see that you do not. You come from within me, a part of me, just as Candy is a part of Wendy. I think they fear you a little for you know me as nobody else does and therefore wield more power over me. If you did not love me or were careless you could hurt me using your knowledge of my fears and my guilts.”

“I would never! Anyway, it is true for you too!”

I laughed, asking the other girls, “She never gives up does she? Guess I’ll have to get used to her always wanting the last word.”

“Are we going back to the camp Robbie?”

“When we do, Dommi and I will go off to the small tent and the rest of you will sleep together. I do not think it a great idea for us to have a night of sex over there after all that happened. We will now be watched by many eyes and have to be more careful.”

“Can we stay here then?”

“No need to, Tina. What I thought we might do is bring out some sheets, put them over the grass and have our honeymoon night here. Whenever we are ready to sleep, we return to the camp. Is that okay with all of you? This way we can also all be in one big happy group.”

In a coquettish tone Laura quipped, “You will have to prove you can make us one whole happy group.”

She has inherited her mothers’ sense of humour and I love it. “Laura love, aren’t you being a little unfair? With so many of you and only one of me you expect me to make you all happy?”

We did not have the keys for entering the house so while a couple of them jumped in to strip beds and bring out sheets, the rest indulged themselves in a gentle banter that was filled with sexual innuendo. There was mist from the ocean and the night was balmy, filled with scents from the surrounding African land. I was pleased to find that I could sense the wildlife, from bushbabies, monkeys to lizards, beetles, ants and the rest of the multitude of insects. Within that sensing of them there was a lot of violence as one kind preyed on the other, but it was all natural without any feelings of evil, just hunger. I stood in wonder and as I paid attention to my gift I found that my girls were also becoming a part of the sensing, blending in as natural animals, even their banter without any evil. The sexual arousal of their bodies as their minds filled with images of expected lovemaking was only a part of those feelings emoted by all the living creatures around me.

A little hand shook my arm, bringing me back to them. “Are you well Robbie?”

“Yes Candy baby, I have never been so well before. All of you, this might not be the right moment, but I can’t wait, I need to show you a new gift.”

I felt them all open their minds to me in readiness, but first I dove into my own mind, searching and identifying the path to the new door that had opened within me. I then visited their minds, opening the doors within them while admonishing them to pay attention to their new gift, for it fades into the background unless a specific effort is made to listen and feel.


We lay down on the sheets, most of us already nude, and held to each other as our new gift flowed out and inwards to sense all of nature, and since we were part of that nature, ourselves. Our gift flowed and all our sensing became one, increasing our sensing tenfold, so that we no longer were separate, but a part of each other and all of the creatures that shared their unique identities with us. We lay there for a long time lost within this new and magical world.

My hands gently caressed Theresa and Laura and the feelings within my hands, the reactions of my body to those sensations, the feelings of my two girls, they all flowed into and became of this dreamworld, adding indescribable beauty and joy to our hearts. Soon every hand was caressing and lips nuzzling, tongues tasting the odours and tastes of fresh perspiration. The more sexual it became so did those tastes and scents change, drawing us further into a frenzied cauldron of passion.

I believe we were gentled by being Cherinians, not just by our love for each other, for no act was committed that would hurt, even if such pain might have been pleasurable, special care taken with Dommi and Cassie so that they only were touched with feather light kisses and caresses and their repeated orgasms were never allowed to be such that they could cause an early birth or harm. Even baby Lucy was kissed and caressed and drawn by Theresa into our net of sharing.

Slowly, in stages, I became aware of the world around us again. Gently removing myself from our gestalt lovemaking, my body drained from too many orgasmic climaxes and saw the lawn surrounding us was filled with all kinds of creatures, monkeys, bushbabies and other smaller animals, all of them caught up within our gestalt lovemaking. As my girls saw what I saw, they too stopped and looked and there was a sudden moment of all of us, humans and animals staring at each other as if we were all one and then the moment was lost and they quickly disappeared.

Even after we had turned away from this new gift, returned to our normal perceptions of the world, there remained, as a tender afterglow, a gentle communion between us, a strengthening of our link forged by Cherine. We looked at each other and shared such a depth of caring and love that some of us wept.

Subdued by the experience, we returned to our camp tents and it was painful for Dommi and I to leave them, clinging to each other in our camp bed as we kept to our awareness of the others till we all followed Lucy into a sweet slumber.

“It looks to me as if my sweet wives were cheated of the opportunity to welcome their brides in a night of sexual passion. How come none of you are complaining?”

“You must be joking!” A chorus of amazed protests cut me off. From their comments I soon gathered that they wished to share this kind of loving again and very soon.

“I think you better be careful. If we drew in all the creatures surrounding us last night, think what the effect would be if there are other people close by.”

Claudia was the first to make a cheeky comment with them all immediately making jokes about such a thing happening. They were trying to outdo each other in imagining such scenarios.

Irene asked as she emoted a gentle yearning, “Robbie, maybe we have to be careful with strangers, but can’t we do this with all the other Cherinians at a gathering?”

“Hmm, I think a number of them will be embarrassed afterwards. Alki, Jonathan, maybe even old Socrati and others. I think we should be very careful.”

“Can you imagine Dr Maria doing this with us?” Em-e giggled, “My parents would be very shy afterwards.”

“Shy is not the word love. Why don’t we show them how to do it without the sexual part. They will go on to discover that part by themselves.”

“I suppose Savva will want us to do it so as to reduce crime!”

I laughed, I knew that would be the last thing on his mind. My laughter though was not as carefree as it should have been. It took me a while to understand what was wrong. Soon as I did, the girls all protested.


“If you take the time to fully understand the yearning within yourselves and think it through honestly you will see I am right. This, last night, it was like a drug. It calls to me. If we do it again tonight, will we be able to wait until tomorrow night? Our awareness of the world around us, of each other and all of nature, there was only beauty to it. I think of it as those who take drugs do. It brought us closer, making us one, as when we dance into each other in the void. For how long would we remain individuals if we repeat the experience often?”

“You mean we must never do it again?” Meli sounded aghast at the idea, the rest just as unhappy as they too fought the need.

“Dommi, what if we keep this as something special. Either for whenever we have a new bride or, perhaps even better, as a celebration of our love for each other once a year?”

If they had been able to hate, I think I would have been hated, but the residue of the previous night did not allow for any such feelings. There were tears, sobbing as if their hearts were breaking as they tried to convince me I was wrong. Dommi saw what I saw, even though she felt the same needs as them, their despair and pleading the proof that I am right. Sadly she backed me and tried to explain it to them. Her messages, laced as they were with her motherly love helped convince them and the rest of the day was spent very quietly, none in the mood for running, playing or laughter.

The rest of the camp thought the reactions of the children were because of the shock they had the previous night and a number of them made nasty remarks about grown men who prey on children and how they should have dealt with him. The girls were shocked and frightened, this was their first time they were being exposed to how strong the hate for paedophiles is.

I was not surprised when they all asked for us to cut short our stay here and move back to Dar for the remaining day. Sadly I agreed. It pained me that my girls now see how my loving of them is considered evil and disgusting.

It is strange how life turns things around. I had argued and tried so hard to convince them of how the world would view our relationship, wanting them to be careful. Now they see it for themselves and I wish I could undo the harm to their sweet hearts.

We had our supper at the hotel by the beach, the staff now totally confused when they saw me with all the girls (each of them at the ages and with the appearances they knew them by). Afterwards we took a walk along the beach. I sensed there would be lovemaking tonight again, but it would be a sad mournful loving. I pulled Cherine to me.

“How do we change this love? It would break my heart.” She did not pretend not to understand.

“I think we all need some time to come to terms with it. Robert, it is not only the other people, it is also the memory of last night, of how wonderful it was.”

“I know.” I walked on a while longer, feeling how her empathy and compassion were tearing at her as she tried to find a way to make it good for us again. Not long afterwards we noticed Theresa, Claudia and Wendy walking in a small group, I noticed that Lucy had been handed over to Sam as they talked privately. I did not try to eavesdrop, they had not asked for privacy, but the way they walked apart from us was all the asking needed. I saw Theresa nod and turning gesture for Aganthi to join them and my suspicions were confirmed. Dommi put her arm around Cherine, walking with us, her eyes not looking at us, in the moonlight their darkness seemed lost in a world far away.

“Roberto,” she almost whispered, “they must be comparing what they have experienced, the evil of such men, with the loving of a man such as you.” I turned to look at her and saw moonlit sparkles on her eyelashes. As a mother she was aching for them. I wondered, what kind of ache was it that had lodged itself within me, as a father, a lover?

“Do not be so hard on yourself Robert. From the beginning you warned me.”

I looked at Cherine in surprise. “Very strange! I have no fears or doubts or aches where you are concerned. I think I was thinking of you as an adult, having accepted that you would not resent or question my love.”

“The others don’t either Robert. I think they question the hate of the others at the camp.”


“I feel guilty. I made it look as if that man was spying on you girls when it was me he was spying on, he suspected me of what I accused him. I just wanted to get rid of him as it would have been dangerous for us to make love with him and his wife around. Now he is hated by all the others. It was a low trick I pulled.”

Cherine giggled. “You love to use the word irony - wasn’t this what you call irony?”

“A bitter one.” I grinned back at her to take the sting out of my words, “for him, that is.” She laughed out loud with Dommi joining her.

“Ach andra mou, you will never grow up.”

“When all my little girls grow up I intend becoming a little boy again, this time around I will have a huge family to look after me and love me.”

“And when will that ever happen, the way you keep on collecting yourself new little girls?”

“Or creating them?” Jade called back to us, causing a fresh bout of laughter.

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I hope you enjoy reading this story of fantasy, adventure and love - and should some of it be true for our reality, I hope you will love our Cherine.

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29th August, 2019

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Η καινούργια δύναμη έχει να κάνει με τα ζώα?

Gia sou Niko

I kainourgia dynami / porta pou anoikse sto mialo tou Robert, ton voithise na ginei akoma pio poli 'ena' me aftous pou agapaei, alla, taftohronos, ton anoikse pros oli tin fysi. Einai san narkotiko kai otan kanoun erota, anoihti me afto to tropo, gemizei o horos gyro tous apo zoa kai entoma pou kai ekeinoi kanoun sex. Ean vrethoun, gia paradeigma, elafi dipla se leontari, den tha peiraksi / faei to leontari. Mono argotera, otan den tous epireazoun oi Cherinians me tin agapi tous, tha prospathisi to leontari na faei to elafi.

Einai omorfo gia tous Cherinians, alla den tha allaksi tin zoi tous se symantiko vathmo...ektos isos otan ollos o plithismos tou planiti ginoun Cherinians ( o Robert den to thelei afto, thelei oi 'Normals' (opos tous onomazei) na yparhoun gia olo to mellon, gia na min ksehasoun oi Cherinians apo pou einai kai ti prepei na parameinoun.)

Just like in real life. Love feels good and something ends it and it was not worth it.

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Hi my dear friend

I have read through the post twice, trying to work out what gave you the impression that it ended and that it was not worth it.

That is how I read it. Great (making) love, they all feel good, not allowed (perhaps once a year) and that is the cold shower. Disappointments, crying, etc being unhappy/miserable = not worth it.

Will try to read more soon. 💕

Yup, addictive, so dangerous, but does not mean they cannot making love 'as usual'.

Tonight I am not in a condition to write as I suddenly have a strong toothache with the pain shooting up into my left eye. Got to last until morning. The damn thing is, there are dentists open until 4 in the morning, but it is too dangerous for an old white man to walk around any suburb of J'burg at night, especially as I am surrounded by drinking taverns. Luckily I have some Naartjie oil to keep me going.