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I turned to Dommi and she saw the concern in my eyes. “If Jade is anything like me we are going to have a problem. She will not listen to me. You will have to be the one she listens to.”

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“You are being silly Robert, she will listen to you exactly because she is like you. I think you have a different problem. You have to convince her you are not a god.”

I sat up with a jerk. “Not her!!”

“If you had created me I know how I would feel.” I thought of how I would feel and it scared the hell out of me. It was a sort of cringing fear, I desperately needed to get away, go hide. Dommi may not be Cherine, but she has her fair share of empathy.

“I loved the cheeky way she talked to you. Her first tease with you and she won. You better watch out Robert, this one you will not have to pretend.”

“Thanks Dommi.”

“For what?”

“For being who you are. For what you just did and also for reacting the way you did when she said she needs to protect you all. God, but I loved seeing Alki like that!”

“You thought I was acting Robert? I wasn’t, I was humbled and in awe of her. She is a protector just like you are. Size and age do not play any part in what you are. Even as a young boy you felt the need to protect me, that was why I felt so safe with you.”

“Do you think she could end up creating her own protector?”

“No, that she will not do. Cherine and I already discussed it and Cherine looked deeply into her - with her permission Robert.”

“You girls move fast! I was too dazed to even think of it. I’m still dazed. Even the creation of Diana did not shock me like this.”

“Only because you thought you had made her and it had not been intentional. Will you be able to make love to her or will it be like it was with Diana and her daughters?”

“Not the same in any way. Diana was made by you to be my ideal. Jade is different, it will be like meeting the sliver of my soul in you, I suppose.”

She gave a wicked grin, “Boy are you in for a surprise!”

I decided to steer the conversation in a different direction, I still was not comfortable about it.

“You have noticed she has not acquired a healer yet and does not show any signs of gifts, apart from linking to us that is?”

“Maybe she needs time to sort out what parts are her and what is of you. Robert, you are thinking of her as having your abilities, in thinking and knowledge I mean. Cassie is far better equipped to handle life than she is. At least Cassie has had months of learning through our conversations and experiences, helping her to understand the knowledge she took from us. Poor Jade is still too new. Be extra careful and gentle with her love.”


Speaking about Jade thinking of me as a god, led me back in time to other thoughts, which have long puzzled me. When, as a young teenager, I still believed in the Bible, God and Jesus, I also believed that Satan exists. I asked myself at that time, if accepting those premises affects my way of thinking and I presume it does the same for others, I cannot understand how any person who believes in God can sin so badly that he or she ends up in Hell. I accepted the reasoning that most people sin out of weakness.

As I grew a bit older, I learnt about people who believe in Satan and follow him, not God. At that time the Satanists were not often mentioned in the media, so their existence was a surprise to me. This is when I became puzzled, for what I was learning did not make sense. Since I believed in God, here are some of the points I considered true:

As my last comment, with regard to religion. I find it sad that I - and so many others, have turned away from religion and lost our childish belief in a God existing, thanks to the rotten power-and-commercial heart of all the Churches, plus the small-minded righteousness of those fanatics who presume to have the right to order our lives according to their interpretation of what God wants of us. One final comment. Even if I no longer believe as I did when I was a child, I still consider myself a ‘cultural Christian’.

It is not going to be that easy, as I discovered at supper. When I sat down at the table (on a long bench), I got stuck with honey to the wooden slats. As I cleaned myself she was killing herself with laughter, the girls joining her too quickly for my future peace of mind. I will jump ahead here just for once and state she played a number of tricks on me, usually the kind that can be quite humiliating. I know I love pranks, but I think she has inherited more than her fair share. I made this statement as I have no wish to note them in detail for future generations to laugh at me. Soon the others were also becoming inspired to play their tricks. Nearly twenty little girls doing that is far more than anybody can handle. I enjoyed it though, Jade is making them play and act like children around me and it gives me more pleasure than anyone can imagine.

With her high spirits, her cheekiness and innuendo, she caught us all by surprise when we retired to the tent. She went around kissing each of the girls goodnight, gave my cheek a quick peck, grabbed Lucy and went to our smaller tent to sleep without us. There was a dead silence as the girls looked at each other and then at me. I shrugged, it suited me, tonight was not the night for bringing in a new lover. Cherine leaned over and whispered to me, “You thought she does not have the gift of empathy?”


Dommi was accorded her choice of space on the bed, just like a queen bee. She had put a nightie on, but the girls made a big show of all kissing and loving her as they slipped it off. She did not need to be shy about her size and shape, she felt the envy and adoration of all of them. I lay to one side, caressing a sweet bum here and there, pulling hair out of a face when needed to as long as I was not intrusive or distracting them from each other. There was very little sexual stimulation of each other and I soon realised they were just being loving, not sexual. Candy had so many fingers over her she would not have been able to identify them, if she was not able to share their feelings and emotions, sense the love they were sending her. It was the same for the other three and I closed my eyes from the pleasure of feeling their love for each other. A soft tiny body spooned up against me. It was Irene. Fingers softly felt out my face, I knew it was Theresa. I opened my eyes to ask why they were not with the others and saw they had wound down, their touching now almost just a holding of each other.

“Why are you doing this to us Robbie?”

“Me!? I didn’t do anything!”


“But I thought you wanted to love each other - and if you sensed me, you know that I was enjoying what I was sensing from all of you.”

Dommi shushed the beginning of a cry of protest from them all. “Robert does not understand girls, let me explain to him.

Robert, when the girls said they wanted to also make love to and welcome their brides they did not mean they wanted to have sex with each other. They, no, we will, but as a part of your loving of us. As you make love to one of us the others add to the pleasure you are giving. You are the focus of our love and need for sex. Without you, for us to pleasure each other we would feel we are behaving like lesbians. None of us are shy anymore about touching each other, on any part of the body, or even of having oral sex, but only if it is a part of you making love to us. We want to add to, not be the focus for each other.”

“But you do feel sexual desire for each other, I can feel it!”

“Yes. If you are holding one of the girls and I see a cute little bum or flower needing some attention, it excites me to do so, for I feel how it adds to her pleasure from you, as if I am an extension of yourself. I feel the warmth of being loved by all of us that she feels. I am only trying to heighten her sensations of loving you and in that way I become part of the loving of both of you.

Why do you need me to explain it to you, you have sensed us thousands of times and we have explained how we feel before. I know there have been times when two, three or four of us have loved each other sexually, but even then, it is because you are watching and enjoying our loving of each other - as if those we are loving are extensions of you, that makes it feel right.

Think of this Robert. You know what the statistics are of homosexualism and bisexualism. What are the chances that you could bring in today’s society eighteen girls together into one room without even one of them being gay. Add to that all the other Cherinians, and I think the statistics begin to show some significance. The same for the men and boys, not one of them is interested in sex with another male, even though it has become the fashion amongst the young of today.

Maybe by becoming a Cherinian, our bodies becoming tuned to the highest peak of health, rids us of those little faults that sometimes occur with our genes. I do not know, maybe Themi or Dr Maria would be qualified to hazard an educated guess. Maybe we live our lives too apart from our peers to wish to emulate them. All I know is that sex between us without you becomes a sterile thing.”

“There is nothing sterile about anybody loving each other Dommi. Anything that unites two people with love is…I’m being a bit of a hypocrite aren’t I? I speak from the advantage of being the only male amongst you and even the thought of having another male in my bed is still not something I can welcome. I am puzzled though. When I see your sweet and lovely bodies entwined around each other, as I sense the tenderness of your arousals as you kiss and caress, to me it is beautiful, even sexually stimulating. That does not make sense from an evolutionary aspect. Any competition to me the male should be instinctively perceived as a threat.


How would you girls feel if there were another man in this bed, whether son of ours or other and the two of us began to pleasure and stimulate each other - to have sex. Would it excite you?”

Dommi shut her mouth firmly, her lips compressed to a thin line as I was answered by the dislike from all my loves for the scene I had painted in their minds. I laughed and Cherine turned to me in anger.

“Calm down my little lion cub. I am laughing more at myself than at you.”

“What do you mean?”

“My love, Dommi has said what was needed to set me right. Tonight is not a night for debate or argument, nor is it a night for us to examine the sense of our emotions. Tonight is our ‘wedding’ night for five brides. Let us just love each other and leave the talking for another time.”

My sentiments were widely echoed, even more acutely by our brides and Cherine kept quiet, though the smouldering look she gave me promised me a tough time later. Irene was already in my arms so I began to caress and kiss her. Then I gave the others a fright and shock. I flared up in a sudden and vicious anger. I shushed them all mentally while I quickly got dressed. Soon as my shoes were on I was out of there at a run. I got the protector to make him fall down and came to him as he was raising himself.

“You filthy bastard, I’m calling for the camp owners and I’m going to have you arrested.”

Urgently, almost in a panic, he tried to explain, but I was not interested. One of the guards came over and I demanded he call his boss as I had caught this man trying to spy on the girls in the tent. For the next half an hour I used the way of speaking that Michalis had taught me, imposing my will on the others. Disgraced, the whole camp had come to watch and listen, he and his wife packed their things and left under threat that a complaint would be signed at the police station next morning. Once they were gone I began to emote calming waves as I talked, explaining that since they were gone, perhaps it would be better for all of us to forget him and enjoy the remainder of our stay.

The middle aged lady came to Dommi. “Are the girls all alright? Would you like me to come over and sleep with them so that you and your husband can sleep without worrying about this happening again?”

“My name is Dominique, thank you. I think the girls will be fine. They will probably still want to talk or have pillow fights, you know how it is with so many kids together. We promised to let them enjoy themselves without rules. They are all sensible girls, but they need to have the rules relaxed when on holiday. Makes the rest of the year more bearable my husband says.”

“If you need me dearie, just call.” She showed where she was sleeping, as if we had not already noticed. Soon as we were alone I jumped to the tent next door, picked up Jade, dressed her and Lucy and jumped with them back to the girls. At my nod we jumped to our house in Dar. Even as we arrived on the lawn, the giggles started.

Everybody was trying to talk at the same time while I took Jade into my mind and let her see what had happened. I don’t quite know when I noticed, but I saw Jade was wearing a hat. She took it off with a wide gesture.

“I take my hat off to you, grand master of the bullshit artists.”

Even as they laughed I sensed Cherine watching Jade closely, her thoughts blocked.

“Don’t do that Cherine, speak out.”

“Damn it Robert, I wish I had thought of that. She is going to be better than me at making fun of you.”

“Aha!! So there is a competition on between the lot of you to see who will be queen of the day, making a fool of Robert being the goal.”

“And the prize, Robbie.” Jade popped in her comment before the others could speak. Suddenly Cherine was laughing and she gave Jade a hug.

Jade looked up at her. “Why?”

“You won’t get upset?” Jade stared back at her, slightly nodding. “Now I know why you were created. Robert got tired of me beating him at teasing so he decided only a feminine version of himself could outdo me.”

For a moment I wondered at Cherine, this was our little goddess of empathy and she would say something like that to hurt our tiny Jade? The memory of Diana and her pain at being created not born was still a raw spot within me. Cherine proved herself right though when Jade giggled and hugged her back, emoting a mixture of pleasure and pride.

Claudia piped up, “If the three of us ganged up on him we could really make him miserable.”

Jade smiled at her. “I think maybe you and Cherine did not notice something.” She paused dramatically, sure of everyone’s attention. “I never said anything to hurt him and I never will.”

“Jade love, none of them do. Claudia sometimes does not express herself as she meant to, but her heart is just as tender and loving.” I waved my arms in surrender as they all stared at me. “Okay, so Cherine sometimes lashes out at me. Have none of you noticed that she chooses the moment, that her taunting of me is used to force me to stop pitying myself or to strengthen me in some way?”

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I hope you enjoy reading this story of fantasy, adventure and love - and should some of it be true for our reality, I hope you will love our Cherine.

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