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“Will you excuse me?” I closed my eyes and went to the void. Quickly I slipped into it, becoming the void and gathering the energy I needed I shot back to Earth, aiming directly for Jade. If I could enter her I would find a way to give her part of my soul. The protector attacked me, sealing her off.

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I tried explaining to it what I was doing, that it was for her own good. In return it showed me how I had begun to dissolve her with my energy; her hold upon our world, her material existence was too tenuous for such brute force. Grateful that it had saved me from causing harm I returned.

I found a house of very disturbed people.

“What did you do Robert? I have never seen or felt so much agony in a human before.”

“Robert, it was as if she were dipped in acid that was eating her away. What did you do?”

I took my one hand off her and covered my face. I could hardly whisper, “I tried as the void to enter and give her part of my soul.” I now found I was weeping with my despair and guilt. “The protector stopped me, thank god.”

Jade stretched her fingers to my cheek and felt my tears. “You are crying for me?” I could not answer, just nodded. “Then I do not mind the pain, I did not think you would love me.”

I stared down at her and my heart cognisant of the meaning behind her words swelled and took her in. Suddenly the link was complete, she was now part of the circle in it’s entirety. She gasped, “I felt that!” and stared in awe.

Cherine was the first, her cry of delight, “Robert, I can feel her!!” immediately followed by the others. I too could feel her mind now. It soon became apparent to me what had happened. I had been unable to accept that she is real and as a part of me, my denial had stopped her from becoming fully part of our reality. My acceptance, not my love, had completed what Meli had begun. No wonder she had been so dependent on me!

“First thing we do is go to the void. I want to see her soul. You will do that for me Jade?”

As we arrived we found all the Cherinians there. I - and my girls - ignored them all, waiting to see Jade. It soon became obvious she was not coming or could not. I was about to return to her when a soft whisper floated in my mind, *But I am here Robert, can’t you see me? I can see all of you.*

I quickly told the girls and we all searched for her, but without result.

*There is only one way.*

I slipped into the void and searched for her energy. It was so faint I almost missed it. Mentally I directed the others until they formed a ring around her. I returned to them. I separated a part of my soul and sent it in to where I knew she was, including with it a large number of my motes of love. From that alone she became faintly visible. We all felt her joy and Candy immediately sent a part of herself with love motes to her. I asked the others to wait a while, let her stabilise. She was swinging wildly, overcome at the love she had received and at what is happening to her. When I judged her ready I let the others send from themselves. Ordinx appeared by my side.

*May I send to her?*

*No. First send to me, I will not allow her to be experimented on. If such a sending, from one species to another, is not harmful, I would consider it an honour for all of us.*

He sent to me and I tasted it gingerly. Strange, but not harmful as far as I could tell. I called to Sam to check me out. She did so, but found nothing different, just that I seemed to ‘taste’ slightly like almonds. I gave the ‘go-ahead’ to Ordinx. Within minutes the almond taste had disappeared from me, but it seems Jade is to carry that ‘soul-taste’ for the rest of her time. Afterwards, all my loves shared with Ordinx, with Sam doing so almost to an extreme, thus not only being affected, but also affecting, destabilising him for a while.



*Nai Roberto*

*May we all come to your club tomorrow night to celebrate the birth of the newest part of our family?*

We all agreed to meet there and I led the way to our World so that Adam and Jo can meet Jade.

“Why tomorrow night Robert, why not tonight?”

“We have a honeymoon to go to - had you forgotten? It should now be alright for Jade to stay with your…her mother. We will only be gone from here half an hour.”

That brought on a storm of protest from all. No one wanted to part from Jade. I explained to her what is happening.

“I will not take Jade with. This would not be the right way to introduce her to our way of life.”

Sam frowned at me, “Just say sex daddy. I think you are being silly.”

Jade did not speak, she only sat staring at me with a funny half smile. I ignored the protests by all the others and put my hands to either side of her face.

“Okay you little Cheshire cat, tell me why you are smiling.”

“I think you forgot who I am.”

“Of course I didn’t, you are my sweet little Jade.”

“You did forget. Robbie, I have a lot of you in me. I also remember a lot of your life, well, actually, it is also my life.”

“Then how come you love me?” I gave my quick silly answer, but within me I was dismayed. I did not like the idea of another person being so much a part of myself. This meant she even knows the parts of me that the others do not, for we each have respected each others’ secret shames and have not looked in the part of the other which is meant to be kept hidden. To Jade though, I am a completely open book.

Jade sensed me and asked, “Do you know everything about you?”

“As a Cherinian, more than most people know about themselves.”

“Yet you like yourself.”

I stopped to ponder it. I realised that I do. “Okay, point taken. Did you take some of my craziness with you?”

“I hope so.”

“You must have for Cherine to have fallen in love with you so dramatically.” She giggled.

“Maybe it was because she is like you, but without the craziness.” Cherine pertly replied.

“I hope not my love, I really hope not.”

“Robert, you will think it is a problem. You know the need you have to protect them all?” I nodded, guessing where this was going. “I feel the same way.”

I was so glad and proud of my girls. A little girl of five saying she needs to protect them and they do not giggle, instead, incongruous as it may sound, they feel happy. Even my Dommi!

Jade turned to her mother and Alki (I suppose her father?) and in her serious way asked, “I hope you do not mind me feeling like that about you too?”


It is not that often I get a chance to be amused by Alki. His face was a wonder of conflicting emotions before he brought himself under control. “I always thought one Robert was almost too many. Now we have two and the one is female. Aghh mana mou!”

After the laughter died down I turned to Jade. “I suppose the point of all this, was that you want to come with?”

“You don’t mind?”

“Just remember, you are not a wife yet.” Even as I said it, I realised it sounded cruel if she really loved me, but she only smiled.

“As long as you remember you are not my husband…or father.”

That earned her more laughter and a few shouted bravo’s. Strangely this made her lose a bit of her self-confidence and poise. I grinned and gave her a hug. “Carry on like this and I think they will soon all love you more than they love me.” Her confidence soared again at my teasing and she pertly answered, “maybe.”

The girls were dashing all over the tents and the rest of the compound. Dommi stood by me, a tiny up-curl of her lips betraying her secret scrutiny of me. She knew it was the squeals and laughter, that bright childish energy that has them underfoot all over the camp I found so touching and adorable.

“Just as well our kids are Cherinians otherwise you would make a terrible father.”

“You think I indulge them too much?”

“Not really, it is just your enjoyment of them I was talking about. Most parents would be going nuts with them running and shouting like that. You have not even once turned to look at the other guests to check whether they are being annoyed.”

“I don’t have to. Watch them Dommi, look at the patterns of their movements. They never approach or bother those who would get upset. See how they keep on returning to that woman who smiles to herself every time they run by? They sense her pleasure in their antics.”

“You cheat, you have been checking the guests!”

“Not consciously love. You have to learn to stop looking with the eyes only. Feel it, there, just by those benches, the people in that tent, can’t you feel the ill-will ? It feels as if the sun is less bright over there. That woman, she has never had children and has spent her life yearning for one. She tries to be a good ‘auntie’ to all the children she meets. Dommi, she would truly blossom if she became a Cherinian - if she were not so fanatically religious.”

“Damn it Roberto, your eyes have not strayed from the girls one second, especially Jade, and yet you have probably mapped out the whole camp.”

I extended myself till I felt the happiness and pleasure of my girls as a warm brightness within me and closed my eyes. “Well, first I had to check whether there were any dangerous snakes. Then I remembered your bum and had to persuade all the ticks to move away. We do have a bunch of kids who will stray and be silly, so I had to check that there are no child molesters to take advantage of them. Then…Ow, that hurt - not fair!”

She did not respond to my flippant mood, she was too much in awe. “Robert, who would believe these girls are here on their honeymoon? They are just sweet and noisy kids right now.”

“Perhaps it is their gift to me for this day.”

She was silent a while, letting me enjoy them. “I can see you love Jade but, do you also like her?” She giggled. “God what a shock you gave us. You should have seen your face when she moved independently of you!”

I was about to tease her, but I became aware of feelings she was even trying to hide from herself. She was in some kind of mystical or religious wonderland, a tiny part of her actually screaming with fear. I took her hand in mine.


“I was terrified up to the moment that I realised Meli was partly responsible. The truth? I just wanted her gone, until she began to die on us, then I became desperate to keep her with us.”

“So this won’t happen again - unless Meli helps you?”

“Have you looked in Robert, mother?” Dommi gave a start, she had been so absorbed by her thoughts she had not been aware of Tina stopping by us to listen. “I think if he did this again we would all die from too much love. It also feels purer, not just stronger. His love is like a giant waterfall that pours without stopping into our hearts.”

“Buzz off you little brat, go play with your wives, us grownups are having a serious discussion.” She stuck her tongue out at me and ran off.

I turned to Dommi and she saw the concern in my eyes. “If Jade is anything like me we are going to have a problem. She will not listen to me. You will have to be the one she listens to.”

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I hope you enjoy reading this story of fantasy, adventure and love - and should some of it be true for our reality, I hope you will love our Cherine.

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28th August, 2019

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Κάτι μου λέει ότι θα ξεκινήσουν πολλά προβλήματα με τηνJade...

Η Μέλη δεν κατάλαβα τι έπαθε και τρόμαξε...

Nomizo oti den eheis adiko - epeidi ehei ta idia ψυχαναγκασμοί to na prostatefsi ollous, horis na ehei diko tis Protector, afto tha tin kanei na einai distihis oti kindinevei o Robert.

Gia tin Meli, den katalava pou to ides. Mipos einai apo afto?

“I was terrified up to the moment that I realised Meli was partly responsible.

Afto, den to leei i Meli, to leei o Robert. Leei oti tromakse pou egine alithino koritsi eos pou emathe oti voithise i Meli na tin kanei alithini.