Ivgos - the story I have been wanting to post, for a long time now

in #sfandf-fiction2 months ago

Ivgos, the last child of his species. Challenged by an evil warrior, he is adopted by eleven other species, many of them also the last known of their species, even though they know it will cause their deaths.

While writing this story as part of my Little Cherine novel, I enjoyed the unfolding of their story, growing to learn of their personalities and discovering how powerful love can be.

Unfortunately the visit to the world of Ivgos happens in Book 12 and so I am only now starting to post it (in https://hive.blog/sfandf-fiction/@arthur.grafo13/little-cherine-book-12-bpost039 ). Preparing the posts means I re-read and I am enjoying myself, even though I have lived their story a number of times.

I am going to risk my being accused of blowing my own trumpet and say, "There are many of you on this platform who enjoy reading Fantasy novels, but because you are in such a hurry to skip from post to post and up - or down - vote and score a high reputation, you forget to pause awhile so as to enjoy what is offered."

What a pity.

Alex (Arthur)