[Review] The Mandalorian - First impressions to the series that seeks to extend the Star Wars universe

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After rummaging through several sites trying to find the new Disney series on Star Wars in decent quality and without the danger of infecting my computer with hundreds of viruses I managed to see it and I really loved what I saw so far, I think that the series has a fantastic dynamic in terms of the reproduction of the scenes thanks to the incredible resemblance with the Star Wars movies.


The Mandalorian is a series that takes us through the life of one of the most famous bounty hunters in the entire Star Wars universe, an extremely dangerous man capable of fulfilling any mission assigned to him without any doubts or mixed feelings. The plot begins fabulously when in a bar on a distant planet The Mandalorian makes a discreet entrance to end up killing 3 subjects while capturing a fugitive, from there the series caught me because it showed that unlike other Disney series this will have a more adult tone where violence will be a very important factor to highlight the different visual elements that we are constantly shown. It' s a good thing that Disney chose to include violence and some maturity to this series because I would have hated that they sweeten the Star Wars universe with a series where everything is nice and nothing goes wrong.


After those first scenes of The Mandalorian capturing a fugitive and taking him to the guild so that the great Greef Carga would receive him, it became quite clear that first, this series belongs directly to what we have seen in the movies and that surely throughout its development we will be able to see some really interesting cameos, but let's continue; after handing over the fugitive and receiving his not so considerable pay The Mandalorian asks Greef Carga for more missions to collect more money to which he responds giving him a very special and somewhat clandestine mission that leads The Mandalorian to a mysterious encounter with a man who seems to have come out of the innermost part of the empire (in fact, he has even imperial soldiers as bodyguards), a man who asks him to bring him a very special creature that no one else has been able to bring and for which he is willing to pay a lot, well friends is here, from this meeting the real climax of the chapter is unleashed because we will see the Mandalorian travel to a distant planet to try to capture the creature that the mysterious man asked him for.

Without much thought the Mandalorian enters the mission and with the help of a droid manages to infiltrate and recover the creature that the mysterious man had requested, but just before taking the capsule where the creature was the Mandalorian decides to open it to take a look and see what kind of creature it is, and Oh surprise! -SPOILER- is a baby of the same race as the great master Yoda, so we can already intuit that the intentions of that mysterious man will not be very good to say.


This first chapter despite not showing much of what will be the central plot and certainly have a very short duration for a pilot charm me because it made me remember a lot to the movies, all the atmosphere, all the visual effects and camera cuts are exactly like the movies. For the whole duration of the chapter I felt like watching a little Star Wars movie because of the very detailed and precise way in which the elements are used to resemble the atmosphere of the Star Wars world. This is undoubtedly a series that Disney executives did not take lightly as it shows much detail and work in reproducing a universe that visually is not easy to replicate but that in this chapter they have done in a wonderful way. All the shots are made with the same retro dynamic as the Star Wars movies where the cuts are made with recognizable transitions so we know when the scenes are over. At a plot level this chapter lacked some dynamics but was saved by those final scenes full of the action characteristic of Star Wars that combined with those well structured visual effects gives us something wonderful and exciting, no doubt this series will evolve to take on a life of its own within a truly incredible universe.


Chapter Score: 7,9/10

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