Everyone Is AN SEO Expert

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Hey JesSEOs

Due to a series of unfortunate events in my life, I happened to find myself making a living off SEO, and while I do enjoy the trade, it is by no means the easiest thing to sell to people or businesses. As an SEO, you need to learn all about how websites work, how Google ranks sites, what are all the factors that you can control and the factors you can encourage in your favour.

SEO's are split up into various subsets like SEO content writers, SEO link Builders, Technical SEOs and Full Stack SEOs. Even though I've committed years to become better in what I do, learning about new techniques, creating my content, improving various sites and running through all sorts of data it means nothing to everyone outside the community.

SEO no show

The problem is, everyone is an SEO expert. So why listen to anyone who claims to be an expert in a field everyone can do by default? You learned to walk as a kid, and you've been doing it all your life, so why would you need a walking expert to help you?

SEO's are seen as a complete waste of time, and well, I don't hold it against anyone. You are all open to your own opinion, and if you don't believe there is value in SEO, I would never force anyone into it.

The lower barrier to entry

In this day an age everyone can make a website it doesn't take an expert to buy a domain and install WordPress or use a system like Webflow, Shopify and Squarespace to build a beautiful looking website. On the off chance you include some content on the site, Google will find it and rank you for specific queries.

Just because a broken clock is right twice a day doesn't make it right all the time. Eventually, your SEO knowledge will reach its peak, and your rankings will stagnate or fall, and your traffic will flatline. To avoid situations like this is why you need SEO.

The funny thing is by the time you're in this situation you give the SEO even more work to get you out of the whole and expert miracles on what is probably a budget that is an afterthought.

Image source: - SEO.com Twitter

Making it work both ways

Many SEO's are frustrated by this behaviour and try to fight their way through, spending countless hours trying to convince clients and people of their value, but to me, that is effort wasted. People who want SEO will come to you naturally as you do a good job and those who don't.

Well, their rankings are under threat, so it's only a matter of time before they shit the bed and need your services and by then your price should have increased.

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Hello! I came back:) but posting not so much. I hope you are well. Congrats for your blog!

WoW! This is a nice surprise glad to see you’re back, missed reading your posts, hope you’re well! Glad you still remember me! Don’t be a stranger, let’s keep in touch would love to catch up with you

I tried as an article writer in Odesk.com as an article spinner and it was a nice online job before. Search engines can be very helpful because they contain large amount of data and articles that are very informative and helpful as well, in this way it can give us a lot of knowledge and i'm sure you agree with me guys.

Getting work on upwork is usually not great for the freelancer lots of dodgy stuff going on there and they like to lowball freelancers, was never worth it for me. Article spinning isn't really very SEO friendly though. I agree once you get into the real nitty gritty you can find yourself diving down a rabbit hole of note

hEy wAnNa JoIn mY sEo cOurSe I aM aN eXpErT!

Well lookie lookie!


haha :DDD

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