MINDOL could be the biggest pump and dump token yet.

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Well, you guys all heard about the MATIC disaster that happened recently but there might be one token that could possibly meet the same fate x100.

A week or so ago a token pumped from absolute obscurity into the top 20 in market cap.
Obviously i was very interested in what this was about, the nosy guy i am, so i browsed a bit through the interwebs and i joined their telegram chat.

The first thing i asked after reading the chat a bit and literally not seeing anything related to the project itself for pages upon pages was:

Well guys, can you explain what all this is about?

The first answer i got was from a grandfather that invests in crypto..
Im paraphrasing but he basically said:

I dont give a crap what its about, i accidentally clicked on the buy button (wanted to buy something else) and this ended up being the best investment i made in my life.

Seeing i would get no help there i went to their website and looked around. This is what i saw...

Screenshot 429.png

Not much help... Then i went and read their whitepaper. It answered almost nothing. It was the most generic whitepaper i have ever read. It throws around numbers and claims that they will monetize the entire Japanese entertainment industry.
That their movie and anime industry will use their token to pay creators, movie makers, actors. etc.
I have to be honest and say that this is probably the most unlikely to happen thing i have ever heard of, more crazy then the claims that "XVG", "Dogecoin" or "Onecoin" will replace fiat.

It is a bold claim beyond all else, one that i see in no way happening. The whole anime and entertainment industry? Cmon. I dont think theyle even get the Hentai niche. :)

But Mindol is right now at 400 million nonetheless. Mainly traded on Coinall and Cointiger with a daily volume of 4 million USD.

I dont think there is any way you can use the token right now. Theres nothing built on the chain, all that exists seems to be a bold promise and some "weeb crap" on their website.

The site itself is poorly made. Most of the information copy pasted from one page to another with the same grammatical mistakes repeated.
Just take a look at their project page. lol

Screenshot 430.png

150 million USD they will spend on a game? Theyre making a movie with Japanese and Hollywood stars? oh boy! Making an anime? A football game?
None of these things have any credible source to speak of.

But you know whos photo (shot on a 2005 Motorola RAZR) is there on their site wearing their shirt?
None other then the "SOCCOR" player Ronaldinho.

Screenshot 432.png

Ill repeat again as i have many of times now... Crypto investors are insane. They really, truly, undeniably are. :D
And sometimes they even accidentally buy the wrong token.

Stay safe ...


... and notice me senpai.

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At first I thought it said Midol, which in the US is a pain reliever for PMS.

Once this dumps the investors will need something much stronger then that. :D

I'm very simple, whenever I see Conan O'Brien I click like, in this case upvote.

What can you say about mindol except mindlol. This is crypto, insanity is to be expected.

Side note. The guy in the white shirt thats their stylist is 45 years old.

I was looking the same thing lately... Blogging industry and anime production with no real product to lean on? wow

I havent found a single thing that exists in relation to this blockchain.

..why are you so sceptical about investing in animes??. I don’t know much about crypto (still learning permanently to understand what and how I m doing (it) here..), neither about investing big in animes or in any other thing..animes I never have watched, just spend a few hundreds € in playing cards for my children, when they were younger..anyway there’s a big money making machine behind this industry..if you’re not connected in any kind with Japan or older than 25 and so on, it’s hard to get in.there are obviously few others without any real plan around, so guess it’s worth to mention..thank you..up..follow you..steem on..

Well youre not really investing in animes or anything of the sort. You are investing in a promise that a token will take over the Japan entertainment industry starting with the anime niche of it.
They just seem to be using the anime "label" to create a brand for themselves.

The claims they make seem extremely unlikely to happen and their website+whitepaper create 0 credibility for their claims.

Its like if someone said they will tokenize Hollywood and everyone will use "Hollywood tokens". Youll pay Al Pacino and Spielberg in cryptocurrencies.

Its all utter nonsense and people making insane claims that are unlikely to occur ever.

I do actually like some animes, to be clear. :D

..oook..changed situation..did just read your post, nothing on their website or sthg else..that’s making the whole thing funny!..or they are freaks with criminal attitude or people living their roles having big dreams..we will see..thx for answer..

Wow... I have nothing more to say :D

... Seeing things like this just blows my MINDol. :D

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