I love newsteem, and i love my steemit all friends

Hello all my steemit friends how are you hope everyone is good and you are always good i wish this creator.!!


I thank all my Steemit friends who have always supported me,And I have improved their support in a very short time.!!

I especially want to thank the many people who have given me steemit numerous support,



Some stories in my life

I am a very poor family man. We have two sisters and I am the eldest of my brothers and sisters.Four years ago, my father died. Since then I have had to work to raise my family's financial expenses and to quit my studies for this job, so I could not study properly.At present, my younger brother and younger sister have to pay for the cost of education and my family.!!


Currently I work in a private company,The money I receive from my aunt can run my family somehow,I work in the office from 8am to 9pm, then come home to work steemit.AndAnd the steemit I work with has made myself financially a bit more self-sufficient,And now that the money I earn steemit works I can now spend some of my personal time.!!


I'm saying to all my steemit friends, I don't like to post my personal pictures steemit.So in many ways my ID is a fake ID,So today forced me to post a few pictures of my steemit,


I know my post and my photography are not so good yet I thank you so much for the amount of support you give me.!!

So to this day, tomorrow I will bring you new photography and another new post.If you like my photography and my posts then of course you will upvote for me.!!


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Best regards from gayo highland

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