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Another lesson to learn while reading the book of OBEYING obeying is not an easy way for a person that you didn't know his/her personality. Yes, sometimes if we see people acting violence reaction there are people making his/her self a history meaning they acts to help the people that they didn't know what is the mean reason why they acts like that.

Just keep on mine these heroes never go back after they did what they did. Do you relate what I am talking about? if don't worry I'll make this word shortly hahaha acting like I am a pro psychological. Anyway, what I mean is if you see people acts weird don't be foolish to go and ask them to clam you even know what big is the problem he brings, or you even know what is the problem why he/she acts like that.

First, you need to do is, you need to survey a scene before you go to the next step. I know this is a very critical way but this is the best way to control his/her overwhelming mad feelings. You need to know where he/she is and ask others what his condition, you need to clam down the victim first before anyone else gets hurst so this is a risk for you because saving live to other lives is not easy.

Here are some why people act violence reaction to the crowd. They are trying to spread what the feel of hopeless.

Physiological are the basic needs of each of us such as home food and clothing.


  • SECURITY AND SAFETY REQUIREMENTS - These include employment security, safety from harm, moral and physiological certainty, family security and health.

NOTE !! .. This requirement will only be available once the prior requirement has been met.

    It is the need for people to live and be safe in society. So it not only refers to the basic material things for human existence but it involves the right relationships or relationships with other people such as romance, romance, concern and certain qualities such as these. Of course, these traits should manifest itself within family and relatives.

Because human beings also have special emotional needs, and this need comes from other people. People will live healthy lives in a society that meets not just the material needs but also the emotional, mental and spiritual - social needs that make people alive in society.


  • Acquiring respect means showing or showing respect. And we need to show ourselves respect and reverence so that we can feel it to others as well. Because every people has different feelings so be aware of that.

  • By replying to ourselves, that includes not abusing our body as well as choosing our hobbies. Respecting or respecting other people can be shown by not treating them with contempt. Instead of thinking of what the Lord Jesus said, "Do to others what you would have them do to you ..."

  • And if you respect yourself, you can be sure you can show respect for others too. It is constantly etched in our minds so that we can overcome and achieve it.


  • The human event is said to be the highest human need. Your personality can only be called when you feel satisfied with what you have achieved, such as the job and family aspect. When he or she is fully present, you will be more open to the help and socialization that is needed in order to thrive. Open-minded and generous citizens are a great help to society to grow the economy and other aspects of society.

I hope they learn.

Sincerely yours