Keys Defender -- Compromised private key successfully recovered !!

in security •  4 months ago 

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It's another day and another user leaked their private keys on the STEEM Blockchain !!

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They accidentally COMPROMISED their: <h3><div class="phishy">private OWNER key</div></h3>

<div class="phishy"><b>HOW: in a transfer operation published into the blockchain.</b></div>

The compromised account owner has now been notified in multiple ways.


If you are the account owner and are reading this, please reach out to @guiltyparties on Discord in order to prove your identity and get the new keys. Discord:


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<h4>Compromised account stats:</h4>

- <b>Reputation:</b> 69    

- <b>Followers:</b> 2721

- <b>Birth day:</b> 2017-06-03

- <b>Last Post published on:</b> 2020-02-02

- <b>Funds:</b>
  ~ TOT STEEM: 10.23
  ~ TOT SBD: 12.077
  ~ TOT STEEM POWER: 8487.986 ( 5253.5 + 5101.004 IN + 1866.518 OUT )


<h5>For more info about my keys protection activity see</h5>

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Take care!
@keys-defender / @gaottantacinque
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