Secrets of Organ playing for Contest of week 105

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Hello Everybody! This is my entry for the week 105 of the Secrets of organ playing competitions. My hive username is storm66. This week's password is "New Year". I've played 'Choral alio modo‘ by Johann Ludwig Krebs. Thank You for attention!


One of my favorite choral melodies.
Would be nice, I think, to have a little written description of what you play in the post as well. And perhaps a few words about what you like about the pice.
Just a video could be considered spam, with ugly consequences as downvoting and such...

Hello. Thank You for notice. I updated my post.
I liked this choral melody too. I gues it was a reason to learn it very quickly (due 5 hours).

Thanks for your entry! Please use higher chair when playing so that your hands would be perpendicular to the keyboard.

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