Eugène Gigout, Toccata, b minor | Secrets of Organ playing Contest, Week 93

This is my entry for the Secrets of Organ Playing Contest, week 93. I play Gigout's Toccata in b minor.


This composition is one of the first French Toccata's I've ever heard. And especially the beginning of this Toccata made a deep impression. The hands play on the Récit with the swell closed, so the sound is soft and sounds as if coming from far away. And then suddenly these deep soft notes from the pedals in an off beat rythm. The effect is staggering. Well, at least to my ears.

As any French Toccata is goes one to make a lot of noise with a lot of notes. Yet those first two pages are to me the highlight of the composition. I play the other five pages as well because, well, it's not done to quit mid piece. But every time I play this piece, I am a bit sad when I rach page three and have to leave the first two pages behind.

The recording was done with the Hauptwerk software and the sampleset, made by Sonus Paradisi, of the Cavaillé-Coll organ in the St. Omer church in the city of St. Omer (


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This piece deserves to be on Spotify. By the way, we have a new Facebook group - Spotify Organists where you can promote your tracks, albums and playlists. Would you like to join?

That's not a bad idea, I had not thought of it myself..
And I joind the group, though I'm not very active on facebook.

Great! Are you regularly submitting new tracks to Spotify currently? If yes, your new releases will land on my weekly Secrets of Organ Playing Playlist which I will share with my newsletter and everywhere else.

By the way, I was happy that I found your music on Rocki streaming platform and was able to listen to a few of your tracks. It's in closed alpha now. Should open to the public in Q4 2020. Did you get invited?

I guess Rocki is the continuation of Choon? I didn't know they were live already. Where can I find it?

Never mind, found it

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Oh that's right, I found myself on Rocki too:

I like this toccata. Nice piece :)

I guess it's hard not to like this piece 😀

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!discovery 25


Wow, that is fantastic!! The soft beginning, like a magic, with it's hidden melody...and when the pedal starts, oh it's like opening a big gate and entering a cathedral. And what an ending! You made my day with this music 😊
Thank you and I wish you all the best for the Contest!!!

That's a nice image for it: entering a large cathedral, at dusk, and I can almost smell the incense.
I can play these two pages tiem and time again.

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Thanks for your entry!