Bach (?), arr. J Scheufele-Leidig, Vom Himmel hoch da komm ich herr (BWV Anh. II 64), Trio version | Secrets of Organ Playing Contest, week 50

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This is my entry for week 50 of the Secrets of Organ Playing Contest.

A month ago I published on my website the score of "Vom Himmel hoch da komm ich herr", BWV Anh. II 64 ( The authorship of Bach is doubtful, nevertheless it is a very nice piece to play.

Though this composition starts as a Trio, the Trio-like texture is not maintained in the course of the piece. There are several sports where the composer resorts to chordlike writing. It is one of the reason to doubt the authorship of Johann Sebastian Bach.

Joachim Scheufele-Leidig took it upon him to create a version of this composition in strict Trio writing. In doing so he changed the harmonic function of the choral melody as well. In BWV Anh II 64 the choral melody serves as bass voice. In Scheufele-Leidig's version the chorale melody has become the middle voice.

The result is very convincing and perhaps even better than the original. And since he made the score available I could have a go at it. And so can any organist who is looking for something new and fresh to play in the Christmas period. In my performance I changed some notes in to avoid six-four chords.

The score is available here:, together with a recording of Scheufele-Leidig of this composition.


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