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Today my long-time subscriber and student John Higgins from Australia wrote to me these words:

I really hope I can come and visit you again one day! I have been listening to your Christmas concert at St John's from 2016, nearly 3 years ago! In fact I have probably listened to it like 20 or 30 times while I am doing the dishes or chores, and I think it is so brilliant, and one of the most enjoyable Christmas concerts I've ever heard! When I hear you play the St John's organ it resonates inside me, like meeting a long lost friend! I will always be be grateful for that life changing opportunity to play my recital.

I think he refers to this recital:

And I wrote to him:

It's funny you say you listened to my Christmas recital like 20 times. I can say the same about a certain improvisation by Olivier Latry Improvisations on the Liturgical Windows of the Cathedral of Saint Cecilia in Omaha, Nebraska, Partin Pasi dual temperament organ - Magnificat; Gloria; Stabat Mater; Victimae Paschali; Veni Sancte Spiritus; Pange Lingua; Dies Irae; Te Deum, available on Pipedreams:

In fact, @laputis and I witnessed this recital first hand when we were studying in Nebraska back in 2004.

John was a guest on our Secrets of Organ Playing Podcast twice:

I hope John will come back to be a guest soon!

Did you have such an experience yourself? When somebody said thanks to you and they were inspired by what you do but in fact, you can tell them exactly that you were inspired by somebody else?

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I hope he comes and participates in the contest again. Perhaps I can come for a recital there too? :P

Yes for sure!

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