September 30, 2020--Practice Blog in the time of the virus

A long day, but fairly productive. I woke up late and depressed this morning. If you hadn't watched the US presidential debate last night, good for you. It was painful. Finally got rolling around 9:00. I just realized I didn't have any coffee today and that may have made the day feel longer. Anyway, wrote and recorded another part of a lecture (have about 19 left to go before October 19....getting a little nervous). Grabbed some lunch and went into work. Uploaded a series of videos to our online platform and then practiced organ for an hour. Came home and practiced piano for a little while before teaching an online piano lesson. Made a chicken breast recipe with rice and brussel sprouts for dinner. Uploaded video, prepared hymns for Sunday, and sat down to write this. Now, going to watch some TV and find a book I need for tomorrow.

On the Organ, I practiced and recorded the First Agnus Dei from the Mass for the Convents by Couperin and worked on BWV 601 line by line. The notes are all there, just need speed now.

On the piano, I worked on the development section of the first movement of Schumann's Piano Concerto.


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