Secrets of Organ Playing Contest Week 95 submission--BWV 603 Puer Natus in Bethlehem from Orgelbuchlein by J.S. Bach

After taking a week off from recording anything, I have returned to the SOOP contest with yet ANOTHER piece from Bach's Orgelbuchlein. This is another of the Advent tune. In his blog on the Orgelbuchlein, Raymond Nagum refers to this piece as a busy piece, about the preparation for the arrival of the new child. My take this week was a slightly different approach, using more flutes (8' and 2' in the manuals and 16 and 8' in the pedals) to try to create a more ethereal sound of expectation, but patience--more along the lines of the fourth verse that is set in my copy of the Orgelbuchlein: "Reges de Sabâ veniunt, Alleluia. Aurum, thus, myrrham offerunt. Alleluia." ("And kingly pilgrims, long foretold. Alleluia. From East bring incense, myrrh, and gold, Alleluia." That patient expectation of wise people. I hope you enjoy it.


I like your approach. It's such a nice piece with the off beat pedal accents. As if Bach keeps saying "attention!".

Thank you. I really should analyze the hymns more than I do as I'm playing the chorales. Gave me insight I didn't have reading this blog about the Orgelbuchlein to which I've been referring in my posts.

P.S. I felt that way too about the off beats in the pedals and tried to accentuate them.

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