Secrets of Organ Playing Contest Week 83 submission--Ich ruf' zu dir, Herr Jesu BWV 639 from Orgelbuchlein by J.S. Bach

And here is yet another of the Orgelbuchlein. BWV 639 is an extraordinary piece as it is a rare example of a trio in the entire collection. The upper voice carries the chorale tune lightly elaborated while the pedals have a throbbing bass line which pushes the music forward. The middle voice (left-hand) ties everything together with it's continuous string of sixteenth notes through out the piece. I will be honest, I really hadn't listened to the piece before I started working on it and only listened to one recording while I worked on it. That particular recording moved along at a good clip. Even my score had tempi ranging from 36 to 48 to the quarter note. I came close to averaging with my tempo at around 40 to the quarter note. I then went and listened to a couple other recordings, including the amazing recording put out by the Netherlands Bach Society, and my tempo is much faster than most recordings. I think mine works as it allows the chorale tune to simply float above the accompaniments. I am always open to criticism.


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