Secrets of Organ Playing Contest Week 50--Johann Pachelbel Nun Komm, der Heiden Heiland

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This is my submission for the Secrets of Organ playing Week 50 contest. It is a piece that usually makes it's appearance around this time of year--Pachelbel's Nun Komm, der Heiden Heiland Chorale Prelude. It is typical of Pachelbel's Chorale Preludes in that the counterpoint played in the manuals is derived from fragments of the chorale tune that usually shows up in long held pitches, in this case in the pedals. It is atypical in that there is an extended four part contrapuntal introduction before the chorale (almost two minutes!). While I can't say that I have extensive knowledge of the Chorale Preludes as a genre or even of Pachelbel's music, it seems rather excessive compared to several other Chorale Preludes that I play. Once the chorale tune is introduced in the pedals (and doubled in the left hand) the chorale is presented in its entirety--four phrases--interspersed with counterpoint in the manuals.


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So, is this overly staccato or close to articulate legato?

Surely not too short. I think some inner parts at times can even be more detached in your acoustics. Good job!


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I guess the doubling of the choral melody in the left hand is an editorial decision, based on the usage of that technique in similar compositions by Pachelbel and Johann Michael Bach. It does not feature in the manuscript source of this particular piece.
Fine performance. I love these choral preludes with the melody in the pedals and full organo pleno.

That is good to know. I am playing out of the Golden Treasury of Organ Works Anthology. I will go search for the manuscript or an urtext.

That's easy:

The score contains a clickable link to the manuscript source.

That actually looks easier to play than the version I'm working with!

Yes, it is easier. No need to make it difficult on yourself... :-)

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