October 7, 2020--Practice Blog in the time of the virus

The year's events have weighed down on me today. A close friend became sick on Sunday and will be getting a COVID test tomorrow. I was with him on Friday, socially distanced and wearing a mask. Still, you never know. That is part way through the day. The day began with preparing and recording part of a lecture (14 to "finish" before the class starts in less than two weeks...yikes) and went into work to upload stuff to the server. I got some organ practice in before returning home for lunch. Recorded the above selection. I then practiced piano for a little while before teaching a Zoom lesson. Made pork chops and hashbrowned potatoes for dinner with an apple/cream gravy. Got some more work to do tonight online, but thought I could get this done.

On the organ, i worked on the XX movement of Couperin's Mass for the Convents and got it recorded. I also worked on BWV 602 and Widor's Toccata from the Fifth Symphony (I get to play this at a wedding in less than a month.)

On the piano, I did some polyphonic sight-reading. After this, I spent some time on the first two Ballades by Brahms, Op. 10. I then checked my memory on Beethoven's Op. 10 no. 2, last movement. I finished my practice with working on a Chopin Mazurka and a Chopin Nocturne.


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