December 24, 2020--Il est ne le divin enfant by Marcel Dupre

Another Variation set today, this time on the French carol tune known in English as "He is born, the divine Christ child." Dupre composed the piece for his daughter to play at Christmas Eve for offertory at the midnight mass in 1948. I am planning on playing them for Christmas morning Mass (2020).

The variation set is pretty straight forward--the theme is presented at the outset followed by unique repetitions of the theme in a variety of ways. The first variation repeats the theme almost verbatim, but in the left hand and with a spidery like accompaniment in the right hand on a second manual of just a flute. From here on out, there is only a semblance of the theme left. Variation 2 puts the "melody" in the pedals with Strings and Celeste sounds to accompany it. Variation 3 is a chirpy variation outlining the harmonies of the theme using two different flute registrations over a 16' and 8' flute. The final variation is a fugue, a polyphonic composition that introduces the main subject built on the first 11 pitches of the main theme in four separate independent parts that built to a climactic ending. I was rushed trying to make the video today, so there are more errors than I would have liked. To make up for it, for your viewing pleasure I wore the gaudiest suit I owned.


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