Passacaglia in D minor, BuxWV 161 - Dieterich Buxtehude | Secrets of Organ Playing Contest Week 106

I've always wanted to learn this Passacaglia as so many other organ friends I know here in Australia play it as a "rite of passage" when they are students at a conservatorium. I don't feel left out now as I've finally recorded it! I played this on the 1721 Silbermann instrument in St. Georgenkirche Rötha, Germany, using the #Hauptwerk VPO software.

PS. I think this is @laputis' favourite Buxtehude work!



This was the first piece I learned when I changed teachers years ago to learn more about articulation and the so-called authentic way of playing.
It's a beautiful piece, yet I like the e minor one more (well, that's a Ciaconne and not a Passacaglia, but I never really understood the difference between those two musical forms). I might look it up again for a future entry in the contest.

The D minor seems to be more popular but I do like the E minor as well. I will look at that some day :)

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Thanks for your entry!

I'm really impressed with your performance of this Passacaglia... Looks like you enjoyed it too!