Twilight Sunsets !!

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The golden hour of the day one can never miss the only sunsets what i don't like is the ones that i miss , i have never meant a sunset that i don't like to me it's that time of the day to absorb those last few minutes of watching mother nature at her best it's that time of the day when you reset yourself by getting rid of any distractions and bad vibes that may have occurred during the day and be ready for a whole new dawn sunrise.





As the twilight zone is coming to a end the kayak rider takes the last few minutes taking the opportunity to ride that gleaming sparkling colorful ocean before the lights of mother nature are completely turned off.





#seaphotography by @marc-allaria






Oh wow! What a wonderful view. Places like this make me want to get up and leave!

I can't complain it's summer here in Australia and I just spent the day at the beach. I didn't swim because it was cold but it was nice to have a coffee and walk along the sand. Melbourne water is always cold.

They really do get you in the travel mood i find Australia beach waters always cold and salty not like the tropic waters.

Beautiful sunsets! And gorgeous scenes... :)
Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

Thank you @ackhoo and a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to you also 🌲🌲

Yay! 🤗
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Thank you @ecency 👍

Jealous with you as you have watched many stunning sunset :))

I hope they are making feel better cause i am missing your posts 😇

I just watched a beautiful sunset today on the mountain:)) I will post once I have a good connection :))
Oh well check out Dbuzz highlight vol 25..and my nam on the list 😄😛

Will be looking forward to your beautiful sunset photos 🌞

Wow...what can i say i am so proud of you , you always seem to brighten up everyone's day well done @trangbaby well deserved 👍

Sunset looks beautiful nice capture 😍

Thank you @pankajkabdwal 👍

hello dear friend @ kohsamui99 good afternoon
Your images are charming, you always pleasantly surprise us, I love the exposure of the sun in all its presentation, but I prefer the sunset of it, there you can see really beautiful tones.
I appreciate that you gave us these beautiful photographs
I wish you a wonderful weekend. enjoy it

Thank you again @jlufer you are always to kind with your words wishing you a lovely day 👍

Nice shot's, I can watch sunsets all day if possibly or sunrises.

Thank you @shoemanchu you are not wrong i could do the same thing 🌞