Sunset State Beach , California.

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This part of #seaphotography finding sea animals is always hard unless your a diver like @marc-allaria but anyways , i scanned through my archive and found a couple or so photos of when we were in California on a beach called Sunset State Beach in Watsonville we decided to stop for a break as we were driving through the state of California and stumbled across this beautiful beach it was a beautiful day and it was lunch time so we stopped by a cafe to take these beautiful nature views after a nice lunch we took a walk along the shoreline of Sunset Beach to stretch our legs, this beautiful expansive of beach offers the opportunity for miles and miles of walking , there were surfers, fisherman and others just relaxing on the beach but was far from crowded which made the beach look so huge great for playing in the sand and maybe a picnic on the beach. At the time we were these Seagulls and these other sea birds which looked like another variety of Seagull with a longer beak , i think were quite busy having feasting on these little sea creatures that were getting washed ashore for them they were enjoying this huge free banquet of sea creatures and for me it was just amazing at how many had arrived for this free banquet and looking at there hunting skills flying in and scooping up was amazing on this beautiful day on Sunset Beach.





#seaphotography by @marc-allaria






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How nice to see a bit of sea and sunshine among so much cold.

Lovely beach filled with birds, not sure what gulls are at home over there. The darker birds look like an oystercatcher.

Running with the waves scooping up food, they are relaxing to watch doing the dance in the shallows.

Lovely, another excellent collection of seaphotography. Love it 😊

Thanks Trang this was a beautiful big beach with many beautiful birds to see 👍