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Last weekend we rather enjoyed a great getaway on Fraser Island which is located about 300 kilometers North of Brisbane and 15 kilometers off the coast of Hervey Bay and Maryborough heading towards the East Coast of Queensland, Australia it's pure white sand on this island stretches along the coast line for about 120 kilometers long and 22 kilometers wide that's a lot of beach sand to cover but apart from the peacefulness and tranquility on Fraser Island there is much to do and see and one of the highlights on this island which has quite a bit of history in the background was the SS Maheno ship wreck which lays on the Fraser island shore and is one of the island's top sights. The SS Maheno use to be an luxury ocean liner built for comfort for the rich crossing the Tasman Sea between New Zealand and Australia, from 1905 until 1935.





When World War I broke out it was turned into a hospital ship transporting casualties back and forth between Sydney and Melbourne and also severed for the New Zealand Naval Forces during World War I , it then later went and served in the UK and Europe as a hospital ship till it was sold to Osaka ship breaker in 1935 but never made it home due to a huge cyclone and later turned up on the coast of Fraser Island, where she remains rusted and forgotten.





#seaphotography by @marc-allaria






one holiday and you have a ton of lovely photos 😍

I have learnt to take more pictures then i need it's better then not having enough because you may never go back to that spot...hehe 😊

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Thanks for the updates @hivebuzz 👍

You're welcome @kohsamui99

Wow, those are many lovely photos.

Thank you @kidsisters :)

Your welcome

Fraser Island has an appeal all of its own, so worth a trip.

Thank you @angiemitchell i loved Fraser island and will go back to see more 😊

Beach places have so much character.

They most certainly do our Australia beaches all seem to be a nature of paradise 🌞