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Traveling around the island of Koh Samui a few weeks ago on what they call the ring road which leads you all the way around the coast line of this beautiful Koh Samui island in Thailand it would probably take you just under 2 hours to get right around the island via the ring road but that would be without stopping but every time i get a chance to go to this amazing island i always take the slow drive along the ring road continuously stopping at different parts of the island checking out the coastline and beaches there are so many interesting hidden beaches and rock formations to be seen and i love discovering new little hidden beaches around the island. The last time i was there this little cute sail boat caught my attention i just had to check it out and take some sea landscape shots with this little cute sail boat in the frame of course , i couldn't really make out what they were using this little pirate sail boat for maybe just for fun but it was certainly amusing.



This is the coastline along the Gulf of Thailand sea always spectacular with clear crystal blue waters.




#seaphotography hosted by @marc-allaria




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Thank you @ecency 👍

Wow, That is a very cute little sail boat. I hope I can go to Thailand again someday.

Thank you @kidsisters Thailand is beautiful i hope you get to go there again one day ☺️

You are most welcome.

Koh Samui is beautiful Sis, I hope you had a fubulous time there.

Thanks sis i have been relaxing lately and just enjoying life hope all is well with you. Have a great day sis ☺️

Thank you Sis. I'm glad to hear that, enjoying atm because we all get busy soon when th pandemic is over. The weather getting better here. I'm planning to go to the regional northern VN tomorrow for a couple of week. You will see more beautiful photos of VN soon :))

Have a great week ahead sis 😍

Yes it has been quite busy for me lately i haven't had much time to post. Thanks for the invite to weekend engagement but i just didn't have the time sis , glad the weather has gotten better over there well you have safe travels enjoy and looking forward to seeing some more of VN 👍

Hey Sis, I haven't seen you a while. Hope everything going well. Hugs

Hey Sis thanks for your concerns and coming over to say hi , all is well i am involved in a hug project at the moment which is taking up all my time but i will still come over and do some upvotes 👍

You take care Sis and power on your doing really great here 😊

Thank you sis, I hope your project going smoothly. I miss seeing your post on Hive and your comment everytime I'm active🤗