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These are some more of my beautiful sunsets that i captured on my journey to Koh Samui Island last week this first photo was while walking along the coast line on my walk back to my friends house after been on a long walk that day i was meant by this gorgeous sunset over the Gulf of Thailand from the hill top it was like looking at a blazing fire in the sky never seen a formation of fiery clouds like this before it was absolutely amazing to watch this sunset unfolding.


This second photo i took on my journey crossing the Gulf of Thailand while still on the ferry approaching the Nathon Pier on the island of Koh Samui another beautiful fiery sky with some nice blue patches of blue sky.



#seaphotography hosted by @marc-allaria





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Thank you @ecency for your support 👍

Red sky. Very nice photos.

Thank you @mehmetfix 👍


Thanks bro 👍


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Thanks @brofund much appreciated 👍

Awesome sunsets! Love the red reflection in the water in the first photo.

Thank you @redheadpei i have see many sunsets and i have to agree with you this was really awesome looking at the red refection across the water 👍

Those fire in the sky photos are amazing!

Thank you @old-guy-photos it was amazing to see one of a kind 🌞

You make me just want to fly here immediately sis. Look the sunset and a painting.
Absolutely amaaaaaaaaziiiiiiiing 😍🌺

Really is a gorgeous island Koh Samui ..hey your not far away from here come on over get away from all that nasty rain 🌞

I wish I could ☺️ I'm not really when Thai and Vietnam will open borders for each other as Covid seems under control in both countries

All in good time sis it will happen 👍