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I flew to the island of Koh Samui in Thailand last Thursday to catch up with a friend on my for a chat and some relaxation time but also to check out his new villa he has just bought on the island of Koh Samui up high in the mountains at the moment there are lots of real estate bargains going on around the world because of the way the economy is due to covid-19 many people are selling out cheaper in order to survive so my friend picked up his bargain dream villa while the opportunity was there and at a real bargain this is his sunset view he has from his mountain villa just spectacular.


This is like his private beach at the moment with no tourist on the island it does fell like your own private beach 🙂





#seaphotography hosted by @marc-allaria





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woww stunning view and sunset love it sis :))

Thank you @trangbaby is one of my favorite islands 🙂

Hello Sis, you are back...yay Miss seeing your regular posts and comments 🙂 I guessnyou're on holiday 😆 how's it going?

Hi @trangbaby actually i have been on a working vacation and enjoying myself a bit the break was great , i was in the south of Thailand which i will do a post on it soon 🌞

I’m happy to hear that and can't wait to see your new post about the south of Thailand soon.
Have a wonderful vacation ♥️

Thank you @trangbaby and my South Thailand post is up and it was a wonderful getaway 🙂

Very cool view and nice to relax!

It was indeed @sreypov thank you.

Beautiful sunset and view from the villa.

Thank you @redheadpei was one of the best i have seen on this island.

Unreal, absolutely beautiful, although a little bit of it thanks to COVID-19 unfortunately.

Thank you @justinparke and your right it has cleaned the environment up by no tourist been here at the moment.

Oh my...such a paradise...! I can imagine how serene one can feel in front of such marvelous seascape... 😍

Thank you @barbara-orenya really beautiful and totally relaxation love this island 😎