Koh Tao Island Sunsets in Thailand.

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These are some beautiful sunsets i captured while visiting the island Koh Tao in Thailand this is just one beautiful island of Thailand with many hilltop views the island is well known by tourist for it's superb diving and snorkeling the island is surrounded by amazing colorful tropical coral reefs and exciting and colorful sea creatures, including turtles. If your not into diving or snorkeling there are many other exciting activities to be had on this island what i loved was just board paddling around the island into the sunset and if you just want to relax there are perfect white sand beaches all around the island surrounded by the crystal clear waters of the Gulf of Thailand.




#seaphotography hosted by @marc-allaria





My goodness but you did well. These are fantastic:)

Thank you @prydefoltz for your kind words 😊

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Thank you @ptaku much appreciated 👍

You're welcome :)
Your photos are beautiful and reminded me of my last vacation by the sea (I live in the mountains).

Thank you @ptaku my other choice would be living in the mountains if i couldn't live by the sea glad it bought back some good memories for you 🌞

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Cool thank you @hivebuzz 😊

You're welcome @bigsambucca👍🙂

Wonderful 😀👍

Thank you @paulnulty 👍 😊

Small islands, white beaches and sunsets sounds like a perfect combination of ideal place to relax and unwind.

Stunning photography especially the sunset!


Thank you @joanstewart it definitely was the perfect island and amazing Thailand has many of these beautiful islands 😎

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Thank you @joanstewart much appreciated 😊

Very beautiful place! Have a great weekend.

A very special island one worth visiting 👍

Hi @bigsambucca, I never tire of looking at sunsets, they are all magnificently gorgeous🌻

Thank you @angiemitchell some of the best sunsets i have seen have been around the islands of Thailand 🌞

Beautiful! Thinking about visiting these places in the future. My bucket list keeps growing! Thanks

Try and keep this one on your bucket list you will not be disappointed 👍

Have been to this island and you have captured them sunsets amazingly 🌞

Thank you @hangin it's really is one awesome island as you know 👍

Very welcome maybe see you there some day 👍