The Sanshin-gak in The Boseoksa

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We passed by many things in life.
Among those things, there are many treasures that we did not recognize.
It’s been more than three years since I’ve traveled to Korean temples.
At first, Every temples seemed similiar.
As I traveled, I found that every temple has various singularities.
Nowadays, I expect to find new characteristics from the temple I visit.

The Sanshin-gak of the Boseoksa is a small temple where people rarely visit.


The Sanshin-gak is a temple for worshiping a god of the mountain. As I mentioned from other posts, the Sanshin-gak shows the process of Korean traditional religion being embraced by Buddhism.

The god of the mountain is significant in Korean shamanism.
Unfortunately, it was hard to properly know about the god of the mountain because the research on Korean shamanism was not done sufficiently.
The god of the mountain is also seen in the process of accepting Confucianism in China.
The commemorative rite for ancestors is vital in Confucianism in Korea. Before doing a ritual for the ancestors, a ceremony for the god of the mountain is done first.
Korean cemeteries are usually located in the mountains, so the rite for the god of the mountain is done first to show courtesy.

The most peculiar thing of the Sanshin-gak in the Boseoksa is that the god of the mountain is placed in the center.



Usually, the Buddha’s statue is placed in the middle, and the gods of the mountain are placed on both sides.

The god of the mountain is represented as a tiger.
Tigers were drawn very realistically.



There was a sculpture of phoenix under the roof of the Sanshin-gak.



There was painting around the Sanshin-gak, but I could not grasp its meaning.


I could only know that the painting was influenced by Taoism a lot.

Below is a Buddha painting in Sanshin-gak.



It was the first time I saw that the positions of the god of the mountain and the Buddha were changed.
I just assumed that the influence of traditional Shamanism was huge.

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The paintings on the walls of the temple are very lovesome. I like it your all photography. @slowwalker

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Thank you :) Have a nice day

The the Sanshin-gak is really historical, mere looking at it from the outside one would not know it's so beautiful on the inside really, the Buddha painting is colourful and amazing and well.

Thank you for your comment! :)

Beautiful architecture

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It is, indeed!


Thank you :)

I Love the Beauty of the Tigers in this Mural @slowwalker

it is so well painted!

It Really is and it is Amazing that so much of this Beauty can only be seen from people like you that take the time to share it with us...........

very good post - good, lots of pretty pictures, have fun friends, hope your day is good tomorrow and your fortune a lot

Thank you so much!


Excellent review about the temple. I was looking for more information on the internet about it. But the best one I found was his. The paintings are very realistic, the tigers seem to be alive. When was it painted? They seem freshly painted or well restored. I understand that the temple is made of wood and is among the oldest.

Thank you very much for sharing.

It is unknown when it was painted! I guess it seemed fresh because it was kept repainted!

@slowwalker, The Sanshin-gak of the Boseoksa seems historical temple. It's small one but paintings superior. this temple the god of mountain placed center. It was different characteristic you've found. There are more paintings with various meaning.

Like the Sanshin-gak, there are some beautiful temples, whether it's big or not.

I have observed one thing that most of the temples are situated in the hilly part. I have visited some of the temples in my country also where all the temples are in the southern part of the country which are hill tracks. Don't know, may be related with tranquillity of nature. However, nice observation about the temple and beautiful pictures.

I guess the temples are usually situated in the mountain for the monks to practice!

Wow a beautiful and creative paintings i wish i could visit there so much to enjoy an eye capturing paintings

Thank you! Hope you to visit some temples someday! :)

well we really miss out on some things but thanks to for sharing and covering every aspect of these !

The Sanshin-gak looks really small but seeing the paintings and Buddha inside it might be surprisingly spacious. I like that painting with two tigers on both sides of Buddha, that was new for me that tiger is reflecting a God of mountains. beautiful colors and still have such intensity of color pigments, despite of being really old.

Phoenix seems to be carved from wood and then painted, but the colors of wood work became slightly paler. Every single painting must have been caring a story behind. But as a person who is interested in Art, I really appreciate you for capturing such ancient works of ancient Artists.

I haven't been to that temple yet, but I would add it to my bucket list!

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