SCOTbot/Nitrous Suggestion: Extra-tribe Resteems

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We have Resteems. They work pretty well, even in tribes. They take a post and insert it into your feed. Great.

What I'd like to see is a way to include a post on a tribe, even if it didn't get tagged for that tribe.

Imagine we have a post tagged as #steemstem. But the folks over on would like to reward it with STEM tokens. Normally, a post needs to have at least one of the known tags that stemgeeks expects, like #stem.

Currently, you can force a post into the stemgeeks UI by switching to in the URL. But this is just a temporary view of that post. What if you could click Resteem and instead of just the normal custom_json op, it added a little:

    "tags": ["stemgeeks"]

See, I just added "tags": ["stemgeeks"]. Presumably, this would be ignored by the standard front-end. I haven't tested it. Obviously this approach would be a show-stopper if adding keys to the hash broke the existing functionality.

Whatever the process ends up being under the hood, the point is, there's no need to add a dialog or any other UI elements to Nitrous. You'd have to jump through one hoop to view the post on the tribe by manually fiddling with the URL. But after that, the resteem button just needs to tell SCOTbot that this account thinks this post is allowed to show on certain tribes as if it were originally tagged this way.

Likely the account doing the resteem would have to be in a whitelist of some kind. Otherwise, you'd open up the potential for spam.

 last year 

Interesting. So it would be possible to harvest curation rewards by hunting down excellent but poorly tagged content, upvoting it then resteeming it into the relevant tribe.
Means a better experience for the poster, the curator and the tribe. I like it a lot.

or conversely ... someone who hasn't already abused a tag gets pointed to doing so by someone looking to harvest curation rewards.

 last year 

At which point the post is downvoted, by @nopal4u, @nostem4u, no@porn4u etc.

why put people through that over a resteem... they are busy enough now downvoting tag spam

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What kind of tag is not proper in my post that you did downvote?
Please respond me.

palnet tag? Is it right?