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First off, very excited to see that it appears to be taking off with quite a following. As a community customized page, I hope it can help with many of the perceived problems with the platform. And a claim drop is coming (soon) where we can see how it will affect the scoring of posts. The one oddity is that it's tied to the steem power so that will still be a large factor affecting things.

So, earn steem and earn PAL. We're seeing an awful lot of faucets here now, so the real test will be looking at the sinks. I imagine there's a Steem-tied sink already in the form of a voting bot (not sure if that's actually true), and the implicit sink is a platform where there is a more functional content discovery mechanism, the sink being the ability to influence it for the greater good. That remains to be seen, and it's not clear what the value is. As is the case with many things in this space.

The website itself. What's different about it? Well, you got a themed website, where the data is swapped out with what's in the @holger80 scotbot, which is recomputing what posts and comments are worth in terms of PAL. The wallet is also back, with the ability to see basic transactions, do reward claims, transfers, and staking.

Some of you may have noticed that you were initially giving 100% votes. That was fixed as soon as I found out about it, sorry about that!

Suggestions on my radar:

  • Show STEEM/SBD amounts (user option)
  • Improvements to personal feeds (it isn't ideal, post filtering from a non Scot feed)

Let me know if you have others.

Any suggestions about the interface are also welcome to be filed at where the source driving all of these custom websites come from. And of course contributions are welcome as well.

See you all around!

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New projects coming up on steemit, that is just awesome to witness about

is their going to be a way to change the upvote value on the steem side? ie i upvote you 100% in PAL and 10% in steem?

That would be a good addition, but requires quite a bit of changes across the board. Maybe in the near future though!

I have had a tab with the white paper open a good week an have to read it over again. This is one of the first and longest affiliations I have had on steem and I am glad to be a part going forward.

Peace and liberty for all.

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Heya EON,

nice to see you joined the PALNET idea as well... at least a lot of us will meet here again :)

I'm with you on that value thing.
As long as buying bot votes is it's primary use, I'm gonna start bad mouthing it, asp.
I love that aggie got it done, but somebody needs to accept the coin in commerce.
What does it get me except involved in breaking pob?

It's early yet, i bet he pulls out a rabbit before too long.

That's fair. Yes, let's make some bunnies haha... I'm still racking my brain on that one.... Also the bot thing was a bit of speculation, I'm not sure if they will continue that or not.

Let's hope they kill the bot, it's not like he needs revenue, atp.
Steem needs pob back, imo.

We have a saying here about magicians pulling rabbits out of their hats.

hey, i know you... i think we took math together back in the day.

Oh yeah.... I thought it was economics :)

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I will try it since I love the core values of the place community.

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