The Water Powered Car by Stan Meyer (1995)

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A "perpetual motion machine"..?

Inventor Stan Meyer was said to have created and demonstrated a water powered car that could cross the continental US with 20 some gallons of water and no gasoline. Later courts ruled that he was lying.

On March 20th, 1998, he was eating at a Cracker Barrell in Ohio with two potential investors. In the middle of the meal he ran outside, fell to the ground, said, "They poisoned me," and died.

Authorities found no foul play.

Wikipedia says he was a fraud, of course.
Wikipedia is a good place to start your research perhaps but almost never the place to end it.

Who killed the electric car?
Perhaps the question could be who killed the water powered car?
Perhaps the question could also be who killed Stan Meyer?

Perhaps no one.
Perhaps someone who makes money off gasoline.
Perhaps someone who profits from the greater society working an extra day out of the week to pay for energy, electricity, power that we could be getting without the trouble of oil extraction, processing, and transportation (which is to say someone that profits from the masses being more distracted than necessary). Is that not what Nikola Tesla was pointing at with he zero point energy devises? A different technology perhaps, with a similar outcome.

There is a lot out there about him that you can find on your own, but here is a Car Throttle article, if you are curious.

With much respect and curiosity,


We should have free electric, building from hemp and lowering carbon with plants. The corporations hide this information and lie to use to make their profit and kill the inventors who stand in their way. Until we stand up as humanity this will never change 💯🐒

You pretty much said it there.
Power to truth, health, and freedom.

I would question Wikipedia as "a good place to start your research" but there are still some libraries closed due to the pandemic and KeelyNet is now defunct and exists as archived files on other sites.

Yeah, that's what I was getting at by saying it is almost never the place to end your research, meaning perhaps start there for leads or names, but then go elsewhere for the actual story, true opinion, full perspective. So much spin out there on these "informative" sites. Thanks for the comment.

Oh, I see. I guess if you're looking at the citations for the entries, if any are given. For blog posts Wikipedia is good because of the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike license but ideally an internet site with a gTLD of something like .edu or .gov is always better as a source.

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