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Beautiful...Stunning...Gorgeous...A work of art...No, not me, I mean the 2019 steem silver round!!!


You got to love this crypto space we have here. I mean, would you be the slightest bit interested in a silver round that had Mark Zuckerball’s face on it? I think not! But this is the steem blockchain and our communtity spirit kicks ass(most of the time at least).

And there is no better example of our community spirit than this fine tradition.

For the past 3 years the steem community has been gathered together to participate in creating its very own silver round. This is all thanks to steem’s silver community (#ssg) and in particular @sevinwilson, who, I think was responsible for starting this tradition.

The 3 designs that have been chosen to be struck onto 1oz of the finest silver have all been exceptional. Choosing a favourite from these designs is like choosing between sun set, sun rise and a full moon.

This years design has been created by Luis Romero and just like its predecessors it is truly sublime. Bravo to you, Sir!!


Big thanks and massive respects must also go out to members of the ssg community. If it wasnt for these enthusiasts, people like me wouldn’t have the chance to get our hands on these gorgeous rounds. So, I tip my hat to @raybrockman, @welshstacker and especially @silverstackeruk who put together this years UK group buy and also cycled 30 miles to pick up his monster order of rounds!!

Great effort from you all and if being part of this amazing tradition isn’t exciting enough it’s made even more amazing by the little touches that get added along the an envelope that comes with an official ssg sticker on it(Honestly felt like I’d recieved a letter from Santa when I saw that).


And just to put a cherry on the cake, there were even more surprises to be found inside the pirate daubloons and some ssg stickers for me to use.


Thanks again to all involved. It’s events like this that make the steem blockchain a wonderful thing to be part of.

Looking forward to the next edition and building my silver stack even higher 😍



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@tipu curate

Upvoted 👌 (Mana: 0/20 - need recharge?)

thanks buddy :D

With pleasure!

Excellent Silver my friend, this years is round tops last year!👍😊🤗

have to admit that the design is pretty kick ass! Thanks for dropping by.

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