Faking it till they make it

in #scams4 months ago


These days we see so much fake news of celebs or popular people talking about how they are giving money away and all you have to do is to deposit some money in some bitcoin scheme and you will be rich !!


I came across this article which highlighted a lot of these kind of articles coming out and these scammers are paying a lot of money for advertising these news.

You start to wonder do people really fall for these scams.? I guess the obvious reason would be yes else why would these scammers continue paying for these kind of articles to be seen in some of the most visited websites like yahoo finance, even the star which is one of Malaysia's leading online news source.

Put it this way... Let's say if they paid even $1000 for 10 million views on their ads and and they get 20% people actually reading it.... Which brings it to 2 million clicks. Then on top of that... 1% of that 2 million engagement actually is naive enough to believe the article.... That would bring it to about 2 thousand people.

And let's say the scam wanted u to deposit in at least $100... And all 2k people did that.. That's an easy 20k in these scammers account.

I guess it makes a great payday for these scammers and they only spend like $1k to get a return of $20k.

So... Make sure you do your due diligence if you do see any Dale articles like these and it asks u to deposit money in.

Do not let your hard earned money be taken away so easily.

Cheers all and have a brilliant weekend ahead.