Beware of emails like these

in scams •  2 months ago 


Recently I've been receiving numerous emails like these and before you start thinking of it I do not surf to prwn sites using my laptop. 😂😂😂😂

However I do think that I'm not the only one which has been getting these types of emails trying to threaten you saying that they've gotten your passwords and have pictures of you doing "nasty" stuff right in front of your webcam.

If you do receive such emails, kindly just delete it. Don't open any attachments or any of the links which is provided in the email.

And if you do want to get curious and some did send you a BTC address asking you to send them some BTC, you could use this very handy website to check if this BTC address has been used to scam other people.

So with the hype of Cryptos and its increasing values, we would need to make sure that we safeguard ourselves and also our devices.

Ensure that you do not use pirated softwares, only download apps from reliable download sites and make sure your OS is always updated and fixed for any security issues.

Also.. Be very careful of using public WiFi. I've implemented large scale WiFi rollout before and with the technology today, you'd be extremely surprise as to what info I can grab from you just by managing these public WiFi. Try to use your mobile Hotspot instead if you have enough data.*YW1wLXRmcVdTbThnakhldTlEWlZmUU05QUtKVF9qZ2FkZmZsd0xfM0dfcW5LSG40b3lYWmpORGlZVWs5VTRqOGcyTTc.

Another way to do it if you have to use public WiFi is that you could use a VPN, try to stay away from those free ones as I personally don't trust it. Use a VPN from a credible source.

My picks is Cyber Ghost VPN, however do Google up and find one which suits you and your budgets.

Cheers and stay safe 😁😁😁😁

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