Possible scammer Alert

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Keep your eyes peeled. Earlier this week I got this message in my discord from @chinotattooart Last Sunday at 10:43 AM:

Hello good afternoon friend, how are you doing? I am from Venezuela, Sucre cumana. I apologize for the situation at home it complicated me a lot more, I'm sick, and I don't have a computer, it was damaged and I sent it for repair but it's $ 15. Repair, I need support, at least for medicine and food for my daughter. If you can give me support or work I would appreciate it because I need it. I can draw, make logos, I can do many things.

Today, just now, they contacted me again. When they contacted me this time, I express my concern that this conversation already felt scammy. I went to their profile and found "Included in the following blacklists: spaminator." Of course, they said they were not a scam artist. Further more, going to their steemit page reveals the fact that they haven't posted in almost a year. So, he can write to me but can't post on steemit? Huh?!?! Okay, dude.

Being homeless, the only thing that I had to offer was this. They immediately ended the conversation.

Something seems fishy here.

Keep your eyes peeled.



Thank you very much for the piece of information.

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