A Gift from Aerochange.com ? - Beware, I'm 99.9999% sure this is a SCAM! 🤨

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This morning I received a strange offer through Discord. It was an invite to register at a New Exchange and they promised me 0.44 BTC upon signup.

Well, I immediately thought this was another scam but I decided to check it out anyway. Why? Because I'm a nerd, what else? 🤓


Just to be safer, I protected myself by:

  • Opening up a Private Browser Window;
  • Register with a very old E-Mail address which I don't care about;
  • Created a random password by typing a lot of keys with my eyes closed.

In a few seconds I confirmed my suspicions. First I followed the instructions and they, indeed, credited my "fake balance" with 0.44 BTC.


Afterwards, I tried to Withdraw it... and these clever scammers even tried to make it look legit, by discounting the usual BTC fees:


But, of course, the transfer didn't go through. Immediately, I got a Warning claiming that, since I was a New User, I needed to make a first Deposit of 0.01 BTC in order to be able to make Withdrawals. 🤣 🤣 🤣


This smells and looks exactly like a typical Scam that is over a century old.

It is always a variant of the same scheme. They offer you money but in order to access it, you need to send them a small amount first.

What happens is that the scammers collect these small amounts from people all over the world and never send anything back. When someone falls for it and tries to contact the scammers, they usually claim there was some kind of error and that a second small fee is needed. Sometimes the same person is tricked into sending ever increasing amounts, several times... until they finally understand it was a scam from the beginning.

This scheme is called the Nigerian 419 Scam or the Advance Fee Scam and it has been used in many forms.

The scheme originated in the 18th or 19th century and it was carried through regular mail.

The scheme has been evolving, changing a bit and adapting to the evolution of the technology, it was carried through by phone later on the 20th century and nowadays it is very common to see it on the Internet, be it through E-Mail or Social Networks.

To conclude: When someone promises you a sum of money and asks for a small advance fee in return, don't do it. It's not worth losing your money or time over a promise that will probably never be fulfilled.


I've been receiving a few of these invites per day. Heh. Scammers.

Thanks Trin! I just received the same message and, I am re steeming this.

I bet a lot of people got this today. I'm glad I helped you, even though I'm sure you wouldn't fall for it. 😉

Well, I nearly fell for it! Thank you for your help!

Uh, oh. 🙄

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I got very same thing from a person with the handle "Crisp" my instincts said SCAM all over it. Deleted.

Eheheh. I don't mind checking it sometimes, even though I'm pretty sure it's a scam.

Wooo That's a cheesey scam, and sure they preyed on many.
Thanks for Sharing 😊👍

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Beware of any variant of this scheme. They use many methods but the scheme is always similar.

What a bunch of motherfuckers.

Yes, they really are. 😒

very well described

Thank you for the info!

You're welcome!

Yeah, I am "proud owner of almost a bitcoin" there, too.


One thing that confirms 100% it's false is...

I am one of the 50 chosen, too. And a lot more than 50 people. Just make a count among people you know on Steem. Almost everybody will have the message soon.

I tried it just to see how scammers are adapting to the times. One thing is certain, these guys are not dumb. 😜

Yup. They know they wield powerful stuff like emotions, greed...

And they have https, they have a good-looking site...to a certain degree.

exactly this; been in sales for 20 plus years and that's what we train people on; Most consumers buy emotionally; not logically - people buy on Impulses; not on plans ...


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Thanks for letting us know!

You're welcome. It seems that there are several accounts using different addresses but the scheme is the same.

Agree!!! Something for nothing? Not likely!

Thanks for the heads up!


You're welcome... and thanks for your visit and support.

Thank YOU!

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Yup, received from different users at discord the same message, did more or less the same as You, and got the same results, from the start smelled like a scam..

Even searched for a way to contact aerochange so I could tell them to take that "anti bot fee" from the balance available, to no avail..

Thank You for posting this, was starting to think that I was being the "only" one getting this SPAM/SCAM deals.. And I guess You're already aware of user mmmmkkkk311 and his feud against delegatees to SBI and for whatever reasons more..

Anyway, have a great time, all the best to You ;)

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I haven't recieve any yet but still thank you for this warning. Yeah, why spend time to these people.

Indeed, I usually ignore it but today I was feeling nerdy and decided to check out the scam. 😜

You are so kind by posting a scam warning like this. Some newbies, especially in crypto, would fall for this. Thank you for taking your time laying out all of the scam tactics in such a fun way to read. Good day!

You're welcome. Even though it's over a century old, it continues to make victims every day. I'm translating it to Portuguese right now, which I'll post under my Portuguese account, so I can reach the Portuguese speaking community as well.

Thanks for your visit.

Thanks for letting us know. I checked out the link on your profile page, and you look like an amazing person. Great to have you around! Please do let us know when you come across more scams.

Thanks. I will. New users are not very experienced and I hate to see these criminals taking advantage of them.

I keep on getting such

I got 2 of them...

And you still have 0,00001٪ doubt? 😉😂😂

Nothing is a certainty in this life. Eheheh. 😁

I also got the same message

Resteeming for better visibility. Thanks for sharing.

Thanks for the help. I would promote this to reach more people but I would probably be flagged for it. 🤦‍♂️

Don't worry for flagging just do what seems right Sir

I'm not rich enough to fight the whales. Been there, done that... and they nearly destroyed my account. 🙄

Its totally your call Sir

Damn 0.44 BTC all for free... Dude that must be a scam... And if not imagine all the steem you can buy.. Insane

Yeah, and I got another offer for 0.41 BTC. I could have 0.86 BTC by now... or have lost 0.2 BTC. 😝

Hahaha either way play it safe😏

Scam as old as time itself. Lol

Thanks for the important heads up!

You're welcome.