SteemHunt Vote Update, Massive ninja votes come in to steal tokens.

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If you haven't been following the SteemHunt Drama, there are only a few more hours left on their poll if they should steal tokens from users who moved to Hive.

Initially the poll was heavily in favor of stealing HUNT tokens, non-SCT users started voting it moved more towards not stealing the tokens. As expected, in the end there was a massive vote to steal the tokens.


In the end, SteemHunt, will do what they already planned on doing, stealing tokens from legitimate users because, well that's what you do on Steem now if you don't get your way.

I parsed all the votes so far, and you can find who voted for and against the stealing of tokens. An Agree means you want SteemHunt to steal users tokens, disagree means you don't want them to steal the tokens.

Magically two massive votes come in at the to save the day for SteemHunt and ultimately justify them stealing tokens.

  • ['soyrosa'] {"selection":"Disagree","stake":"0.0"}
  • ['buildawhale'] {"selection":"Disagree","stake":"72839.47"}
  • ['upmyvote'] {"selection":"Disagree","stake":"3944.33"}
  • ['forealife'] {"selection":"Agree","stake":"283340.39"}
  • ['ausbitbank'] {"selection":"Disagree","stake":"94282.39"}
  • ['jayplayco'] {"selection":"Agree","stake":"933633.73"}
  • ['pundito'] {"selection":"Disagree","stake":"153.13"}
  • ['abdulmanan'] {"selection":"Agree","stake":"24361.51"}
  • ['fruitdaddy'] {"selection":"Disagree","stake":"1221610.45"}
  • ['kortana'] {"selection":"Agree","stake":"3077.62"}
  • ['ericwilson'] {"selection":"Disagree","stake":"2740.44"}
  • ['cheema1'] {"selection":"Agree","stake":"45907.27"}
  • ['anomalogy'] {"selection":"Agree","stake":"3625.69"}
  • ['crokkon'] {"selection":"Disagree","stake":"3894.0"}
  • ['espoem'] {"selection":"Disagree","stake":"17083.72"}
  • ['stupid'] {"selection":"Disagree","stake":"15322.08"}
  • ['joythewanderer'] {"selection":"Disagree","stake":"22068.68"}
  • ['altrosa'] {"selection":"Disagree","stake":"1569.02"}
  • [''] {"selection":"Disagree","stake":"0.0"}
  • ['eddiespino'] {"selection":"Disagree","stake":"48.09"}
  • ['livingamestudios'] {"selection":"Disagree","stake":"283.17"}
  • ['grisvisa'] {"selection":"Disagree","stake":"0.0"}
  • ['aamirijaz'] {"selection":"Disagree","stake":"156322.36"}
  • ['silentscreamer'] {"selection":"Disagree","stake":"11.33"}
  • ['lordbutterfly'] {"selection":"Disagree","stake":"1378.04"}
  • ['chuuuckie'] {"selection":"Disagree","stake":"0.24"}
  • ['jongolson'] {"selection":"Disagree","stake":"5778.63"}
  • ['amico'] {"selection":"Disagree","stake":"887.47"}
  • ['gentleshaid'] {"selection":"Disagree","stake":"10733.22"}
  • ['sharpshot'] {"selection":"Disagree","stake":"1032.07"}
  • ['petrvl'] {"selection":"Disagree","stake":"2911.33"}
  • ['alexvanaken'] {"selection":"Disagree","stake":"17.15"}
  • ['hadji'] {"selection":"Disagree","stake":"1613.87"}
  • ['carn'] {"selection":"Disagree","stake":"145.07"}
  • ['nateaguila'] {"selection":"Disagree","stake":"45113.75"}
  • ['preparedwombat'] {"selection":"Disagree","stake":"19013.04"}
  • ['indigoocean'] {"selection":"Disagree","stake":"12790.98"}
  • ['michealb'] {"selection":"Disagree","stake":"6976.13"}
  • ['dashroom'] {"selection":"Disagree","stake":"141.29"}
  • ['totopapa'] {"selection":"Agree","stake":"9123.07"}
  • ['anyonecan'] {"selection":"Disagree","stake":"0.0"}
  • ['autoway'] {"selection":"Agree","stake":"332.41"}
  • ['skymin'] {"selection":"Agree","stake":"126.8"}
  • ['dakeshi'] {"selection":"Agree","stake":"6515.7"}
  • ['steemshiro'] {"selection":"Disagree","stake":"183180.91"}
  • ['rafles25'] {"selection":"Agree","stake":"0.0"}
  • ['yasu'] {"selection":"Agree","stake":"2.2"}
  • ['ayogom'] {"selection":"Agree","stake":"11301.31"}
  • ['karamyog'] {"selection":"Agree","stake":"99528.74"}
  • ['virus707'] {"selection":"Agree","stake":"351110.07"}
  • ['tony-duke'] {"selection":"Disagree","stake":"0.0"}
  • ['machellin'] {"selection":"Agree","stake":"75844.07"}
  • ['ipromote'] {"selection":"Disagree","stake":"121352.0"}
  • ['pele23'] {"selection":"Disagree","stake":"2.07"}
  • ['parisfoodhunter'] {"selection":"Agree","stake":"4544.0"}
  • ['jungch98'] {"selection":"Agree","stake":"1222.17"}
  • ['d-zero'] {"selection":"Disagree","stake":"27995.08"}
  • ['kingbit'] {"selection":"Agree","stake":"17715.11"}
  • ['celestal'] {"selection":"Disagree","stake":"90.55"}
  • ['fernandosoder'] {"selection":"Agree","stake":"0.86"}
  • ['coolguy222'] {"selection":"Agree","stake":"6604.62"}
  • ['tailcock'] {"selection":"Agree","stake":"18910.09"}
  • ['blueskymin'] {"selection":"Agree","stake":"4143.97"}
  • ['boostme'] {"selection":"Disagree","stake":"0.0"}
  • ['isaaclab'] {"selection":"Agree","stake":"35011.71"}
  • ['charlie-says'] {"selection":"Agree","stake":"3131.63"}
  • [''] {"selection":"Agree","stake":"5078.95"}
  • ['abdulhanan'] {"selection":"Agree","stake":"8268.73"}
  • ['v4vapid'] {"selection":"Disagree","stake":"28729.9"}
  • ['knowhow92'] {"selection":"Disagree","stake":"151.85"}
  • ['reghunter'] {"selection":"Agree","stake":"6043.8"}
  • ['steemitri'] {"selection":"Disagree","stake":"3210.23"}
  • ['vimukthi'] {"selection":"Disagree","stake":"76825.1"}
  • ['alabasterdigital'] {"selection":"Disagree","stake":"137444.22"}
  • ['holger80'] {"selection":"Disagree","stake":"10314.66"}
  • ['newcastle-united'] {"selection":"Agree","stake":"0.0"}
  • ['onlyforyou'] {"selection":"Agree","stake":"9854.44"}
  • ['gregory-f'] {"selection":"Disagree","stake":"7251.94"}
  • ['mattclarke'] {"selection":"Disagree","stake":"87213.67"}
  • ['banjjakism'] {"selection":"Agree","stake":"7610.99"}
  • ['naha'] {"selection":"Agree","stake":"3592.89"}
  • ['koyuh8'] {"selection":"Agree","stake":"38703.97"}
  • ['jeffjagoe'] {"selection":"Disagree","stake":"35662.91"}
  • ['justatouchfey'] {"selection":"Disagree","stake":"296.2"}
  • ['sanjeevm'] {"selection":"Disagree","stake":"3359.38"}
  • ['ybanezkim26'] {"selection":"Disagree","stake":"650.39"}
  • ['paragism'] {"selection":"Disagree","stake":"163.65"}
  • ['slobberchops'] {"selection":"Disagree","stake":"5788.83"}
  • ['adnanrabbani'] {"selection":"Agree","stake":"13399.83"}
  • ['wanker'] {"selection":"Disagree","stake":"0.0"}
  • ['bingbabe'] {"selection":"Disagree","stake":"0.0"}
  • ['brent1042'] {"selection":"Agree","stake":"27299.42"}
  • ['bree1042'] {"selection":"Agree","stake":"3690.0"}
  • [''] {"selection":"Disagree","stake":"186.61"}
  • ['nahin007'] {"selection":"Disagree","stake":"186.96"}
  • ['bozz'] {"selection":"Disagree","stake":"3217.99"}
  • ['magnus19'] {"selection":"Disagree","stake":"12154.04"}
  • ['revisesociology'] {"selection":"Disagree","stake":"4023.04"}
  • ['testytesty'] {"selection":"Disagree","stake":"192044.53"}
  • ['zapncrap'] {"selection":"Disagree","stake":"1617.99"}
  • ['darrenfj'] {"selection":"Disagree","stake":"1.31"}
  • ['anomadsoul'] {"selection":"Disagree","stake":"25176.21"}
  • ['whatsup'] {"selection":"Disagree","stake":"15173.33"}
  • ['ideas-abstractas'] {"selection":"Agree","stake":"6126.11"}
  • ['nexgen'] {"selection":"Agree","stake":"161740.6"}
  • ['ramengirl'] {"selection":"Disagree","stake":"17813.16"}
  • ['steemperor'] {"selection":"Disagree","stake":"19304.67"}
  • ['steempire'] {"selection":"Disagree","stake":"15131.89"}
  • ['mothership'] {"selection":"Disagree","stake":"16298.44"}
  • ['homo.steemiensis'] {"selection":"Disagree","stake":"16025.66"}
  • ['steemnet'] {"selection":"Disagree","stake":"16281.71"}
  • ['cj3000'] {"selection":"Disagree","stake":"0.0"}
  • ['niallon11'] {"selection":"Disagree","stake":"2056.46"}
  • ['demotruk'] {"selection":"Disagree","stake":"0.0"}
  • ['aquabox'] {"selection":"Agree","stake":"0.0"}
  • ['ahnpeter'] {"selection":"Agree","stake":"0.0"}
  • ['aulia1993'] {"selection":"Agree","stake":"327.34"}
  • ['artisteem'] {"selection":"Agree","stake":"215098.33"}
  • ['krevasilis'] {"selection":"Agree","stake":"3540.64"}
  • ['joe.public'] {"selection":"Agree","stake":"0.0"}
  • ['asimpleman'] {"selection":"Agree","stake":"0.0"}
  • ['hone.heke'] {"selection":"Agree","stake":"0.0"}
  • ['glory7'] {"selection":"Agree","stake":"139885.68"}
  • ['maarkhor'] {"selection":"Agree","stake":"5001.98"}
  • ['bbomber'] {"selection":"Agree","stake":"1313.41"}
  • ['walktoheaven'] {"selection":"Agree","stake":"4081.69"}
  • ['cool191'] {"selection":"Agree","stake":"528857.78"}
  • ['goodnewworld'] {"selection":"Agree","stake":"2819525.07"}
  • ['noiseless'] {"selection":"Agree","stake":"0.0"}
  • ['supergiant'] {"selection":"Agree","stake":"1088036.01"}
  • ['diligent'] {"selection":"Agree","stake":"5000.42"}
  • ['kview'] {"selection":"Agree","stake":"41938.66"}
  • ['elsiekjay'] {"selection":"Disagree","stake":"4710.74"}
  • ['foxon'] {"selection":"Disagree","stake":"1186.46"}
  • ['happyberrysboy'] {"selection":"Agree","stake":"763.77"}

I knew that they would ban some of the concerned users anyway but those are some massive votes, in millions! @themarkymark

If you or anyone whose fund was stolen by steemhunt has dlike tokens in their wallet, you'd better move them to somewhere else now before they list dlike on an exchange and remember to steal your funds then.

Magically two massive votes come in

Can't see them.

['goodnewworld'] {"selection":"Agree","stake":"2819525.07"}
['noiseless'] {"selection":"Agree","stake":"0.0"}
['supergiant'] {"selection":"Agree","stake":"1088036.01"}

Obviously I'm questioning if they really hold that many Hunt tokens, that is an insane amount of tokens that no one but SteemHunt likely hold. I call bullshit.

It's bullshit all all the way up, No idea why you spent time on that crap.

I was curious, only took me 4-5 minutes to write the code and then I just let it run. I'm a creature of curiosity, I like to know things.

If time is money and time creates bullshit, then money creates bullshit.

This is just another episode of FarmSimulator, all the B$ is coming from there.

Supergiant use to curate hunt posts consistently in the past with a considerable amount of sp, I'm not surprised he has such amount of stake. However, as a very vibrant user of the platform, I've never seen "goodnewworld" and "noiseless" on the platform. How did they acquired such amount of token? Perhaps they had large sp and were able to claim 1:1 sp:hunttoken airdrop? I doubt but you guys can find out.

Or, I mean just maybe, Hunt is a complete scam and they do whatever they want.

Is there even a way of viewing other's tokens?

It was brave for people to vote disagree knowing the agree vote was going to win. At this point on steem, I am worried about retaliation.

100% agree, they already came here and downvoted all my posts for speaking up.

Why do they even have any Hive period freeze their damn accounts till they unfreeze our accounts on Steem. Whoever came and downvoted.

I don't think I have any steemhunt tokens, otherwise I would vote Disagree.

They will get eaten alive by the system that they are creating just now. History does not forget and does not forgive.

They will win because it's their own action but they can't win against the people. They're enjoying for now but they'll be dead later. No one will be supporting from them for now on. We all know that most of the supporters are here in hive, the true decentralization.

good luck steemhunt.

 8 months ago 

I don't get the mechanism of theft. E.g., how did they get your keys?

They were dropped into my account which I login with my Steem keys. But since it is like Steem Engine and is a centralized database they have the ability to freeze/steal tokens.

Now you can get cute and say not your keys not your crypto, but the simple fact is I have had them for over a year, it was only recently they finally made the ERC20 tokens so you can actually withdraw, for a long time the withdraw was disabled.

 8 months ago 

And you paid for them in an ICO or what was the distribution agreement?

Well you should rush and go vote yes before it is too late.

I think it's about a year now when they enabled withdrawal of their ERC-20 tokens. But yeah, we tend to get lazy over such trivial matters.

Probably cos they think no ones watching now cos were all on Hive

Why don’t we freeze anyone on Hive that voted to agree on stealing the funds till they release funds of all targeted accounts if there are any of them here with coins. Two can play that game. Im not for freezings anyones funds period but we must do something back to them. They want to play dirty you got to play dirty back. Or we should try to get our witnesses back on Steem top 20 and disrupt Steem till they stop with their malicious attacks if it is possible at this point with the top accounts on Steem already being frozen. You guys should of never stopped the fight on Steem even after we moved to Hive.

I replied to your STEEM version of this post, but they censored it. There are -1 comments again.

Thanks for this information. I will keep a screenshot of the voters for future reference. I'm quite amazed to see some of the users I supposedly trust vote in favour of stealing someone else's fund. It's such a shame that this is what our steem platform has been reduced to.

 8 months ago 

Like 3 wolves and 2 sheep deciding what's for dinner...

Ah, control. Those with it don't like it when people walk away and refuse to play.

SteemHunt has always been sketchy as frig, though, right? Haven't they been promoting spam and plagiarism on a routine basis almost since inception? I don't think this should surprise anyone. It should be a huge signal to stay far, far away from their community and token, though.

I thought it was a cute website but their shitcoins had never any value.

While you get paid terrrrrible on Clickworker sites, you get paid even less on Hunt Sites. I played with it on their release day and then decided they have ligma.

 8 months ago Reveal Comment