over 1,000 posting authority are being abused by upvotebank & minimalpris, are you on the list?

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Are you one of the 1,000+ users who have given their posting authority to upvotebank?

If so, your voting authority is being abused and has been for a while by minimalpris to self vote automated posts and comments. All the rewards have been removed for month, so there are no curation rewards to be gained.

If you are on this list, you are currently authorizing upvotebank to use your voting as they please.

You can easily revoke posting authority with HiveSigner.


Thanks for the heads up. Removing now.

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And this is why you should actively review who you give your posting authority to.

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This is a huge list..!!!
Most of them I guess came from Steem times...

Yeah, I had done this on Steem. Now I need to remove it.


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What the hell is upvotebank anyway? A good ol circle jerk?

How come I've never heard of this account before?

Some voting circle, but it was mostly used to 100% vote on minimalpris's automated posts, while giving tiny votes to everyone else. Then he switched around to cryptorecaps and anniversary as they were getting flagged. He's also the one behind all the comment spamming accounts on my posts.

If people used their damn creativity to make this place better instead of all the shit they do to farm a few tokens, HIVE would be sitting among top 20 long ago. Same goes for Steem...

The exact same thing is probably true for the world in general!

Thanks for the warning. Luckily my name is not on the list and your post will keep my name off.

In this case, we can not say "not your keys, not your money" as with voting authority they can not "steal" from your wallet, but they are stealing your voting power. You have to be very careful who you give rights to deal with your account and know all they can do when you give them away.

Out of curiosity, what is the combined stake of these accounts?

It was around $1.70 vote when I first brought it up. It’s down to $0.71 or so now. But it is only using half the keys to vote (~540). Many look inactive.

People go to a lot of effort for FA

I remember seeing the upvotebank posts a while back and thinking "that looks like a scam".

Lo and behold. Good job bringing it to light.

Dang that is a hell of a list! Nice work once again.

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Don’t be a turd! Quit spamming. Blacklist... oh my do tell. Who is on this so called blacklist??? Are you on it for being a turd?

I don't recognize a single account!

I recognize a few, but I see a lot of accounts as I look for spam.

That being said, I think a lot of them are gone and don't know what's going on, but some are definitely active.

I read that around half the stake has left since the post, a decent start.

That was since the original post, around 2 months ago.


Still have around 71 cents of voting power to remove. But he is only using about 540 posting keys out of over 1,000. There may be more voting power in there, but likely too low to use is my guess.

Ahh, slowly getting there then.

Thanks for bringing this to everyone's attention. Checked & thankfully i'm not on the list!

I am one of those who have given posting authority to @upvotebank. I know it is no good but at least it was giving me some profit. I'm not a blogger and I cannot create quality content but I have some (<500)HP. Is there any alternative for me other than power down?

I've been flagging most of the rewards for months, you couldn't be making that many rewards.

As for alternatives, you could delegate to curation projects, trail curation projects, or find quality posts and vote yourself.

Upvotebank was never about curation rewards ;) curation is not possible with less than 2K HP. Anyway I've always known it was going be killed some day. Speaking of this, can you share your opinion about SBI project. Is it safe on Hive or you see it as another voting circle?

I don’t know a lot about SBI. It is another voting system but I know Joseph does a good job trying to make it more of a long term community.

Ok, thanks a lot for your time and have a good day/night

Yeah, delegate your HP to a creator who gives back most of the curation rewards to the delegator, look at my wallet to see who I delegate to, and the daily amount I receive as an example

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I checked and it seems worth trying, cheers :)

How is this possible I have unsubscribed form this service why it's still showing my name?

You have to revoke posting authority

You can do that here: https://hivesigner.com/revoke/upvotebank

thanks a lot for your help sir, I have revoked it may be this will help and I will be removed from the list
how can I check the list ?

You can see here under posting authorities it is gone.


thanks a lot for your help sir @themarkymark, sorry to bother you sir I have still learn a lot of things. I hope you can understand.

Thanks, Brother! I thought I removed that a long time ago. I guess it did not get removed then but is now.

Woooah! This was definately from my redfish steem days, totally forgot about it! removing it now! Thanks @themarkymark!

Thanks friend, much appreciated information!

Thank you very much for the information, I have already revoked my authority.

@themarkymark I saw a large downvote from you on my post and thought wtf - then found this post. About to remove posting authority now - I'll also do it for my wife's account when she gets back in later @arthemis


@themarkymark I didn't know what to do, but this is now revoked for me too

I thought I removed myself from that program awhile ago.. Well now I have revoked authority, thanks for that Hivesigner link.